Nov 24

Agreed, this guy needs to just go away. this type of rhetoric is a slippery slope that diminishes abilities to enforce existing laws, if dumping is not serious enough to actually use the cameras that were forced upon the populace then go become a lawmaker, until then Shut the hell up.

Aug 25

“In this proposal, we replace the Spirit of Ecstasy with a likeness of Baphomet”

Aug 3

It ain’t Torch’s fault that Trump supporters keep showing up as the idiots in the big story of the day.

Jun 24

Lol, Chevrolet is third and they make rolling piles of plastic that fall apart if you look at them sideways. This rating is meaningful! (sarc) Read more

Mar 5

I don’t get why logos are “due for updates” anyway. Unless there’s a fundamental shift in the business that muddles the logo’s message or they used some very period-specific styling in the first place, there’s no need to change something that currently works. It only makes sense when there’s a functional issue to be Read more

Dec 5 2019

Anyone can do this in their driveway in an afternoon for $5. You have my word on it. 

Nov 6 2019

This is awesome, and I totally agree that it fits in with Indy’s history of innovation. Read more

Oct 20 2019

Um...what you quoted simply addresses a recommendation that people who convert to EV keep their old parts safe and well-labelled. Read more

Oct 17 2019

And Porsche’s never have any mechanical problems! God the denial on this site.

Yeah, I get Tesla has build quality issues. They do really need to fix that.

But if you think a Taycan’s battery is going to be better and more reliable than the 20 years Tesla has put into theirs... well, good luck with that.

Sep 27 2019

The only leaves we should burn are Maple Leaves in the playoffs

Jul 31 2019

If you sit on your hands long enough, it’ll feel like somebody else patting you on the back!