Nov 24

The cameras have nothing to do with how the system handles the person AFTER the camera caught them doing it. No doubt the system is seriously flawed, but the flaw was not the camera catching them doing it.

Nov 24

The thing that chaps me the most is they’ve blaming the the camera use on the type of person committing the crime. Like the camera pointing at the vandalized wall only works if the guy holding the paint can fits a certain description. GTFOH

Nov 24

When you see vandalism and illegal dumping on the list—these are not serious crimes—so you have to ask why they tapped into the surveillance footage for that, and could the reason be the class of the victim.”

Oh, shuuuut the fuck uuuuup. Class/race/gender/condiment preference has nothing to do with someone being a Read more

Oct 23

Simply put, since Uber and Lyft are backing the deluge of “YES” adds, vote NO.

Aug 24

They’re great as loaners while yours is in the shop for a couple days, but at that price point... yeesh.

Even tho I loved it when I had it, I’ll never regret leaving my Cooper S for a Veloster N.

Jul 17

I have a 2015 Cooper S manual and while I loved it, want more power. I’d never consider the GP with no stick and that price point, so in a month or so I’m switching it for a Veloster N.

May 21

Found a burnt valve in my 1983 280E Euro... so I’m taking the top half of the engine apart. Wish me luck!

Feb 14

I’ve got a 2015 S and I NEVER TOUCH THAT KNOB. I only use the steering wheel buttons. Glad I’m not the only one.

Oct 9 2019

Mitsubishi still sells... things. This is a 2018 (no changes to date) Mirage. This looks like a 1998 Civic interior w/ a head unit upgrade. This is the worst new-car interior and it’s not even an argument.

Oct 3 2019

If Mitsu were to ever be decent and fun again and, say, made a new Starion that wasn’t a crossover, I would sell my Merc and trade my Mini for it. Swear to God.

Sep 30 2019

Compared to most team gear prices, this is cheap

Jun 12 2019

Take all my money. All of it. Here. *pushes pile*