May 9

For God’s sake, Sam, can we cut this nonsense out? The “backlash” to the new Disney ride consisted entirely of one editorial on SFGate before Fox News picked it up and ran with their brand new culture war football. There is no need to play their game. I don’t care what two people on some editorial webpage have to say: Read more

May 9

It’s not just them; I refuse to call Baby Yoda “Grogu.”

May 7

I could have sworn that putting melted cheese on a sub was an engineering challenge that humanity would have overcome by 2021, but I guess not.

May 7

Sneaking a hyperlink to a story about Cuphead embracing racist roots within an article sexualizing a cartoon cat is peak Kotaku

May 6

Yeah, I mean Southern Cross overall was pretty meh, but that was a particularly bad take.

May 4

I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen his TBS show in years (and working nights, really missed most of his Tonight Show run) but I’m still sad to hear it’s ending. Listening to his Podcast the last few years has really rekindled my Conan love - so I’m super excited to about the HBO Max thing too. But it still feels a Read more

Apr 29

20 AAA. There actually is no telling the amount in the 45,000 as they encompass all, not just AAA. Not saying we don’t need more diversity, just that you are comparing incompatible stats.

Apr 29

The issue is that he said “gypsy”, right? I don’t believe anyone knows that’s a slur or even who the Roma people are.

Apr 27

My rule on piracy is if it’s impossible to get legally (Mother 3 being a perfect example) then go ahead on it. I’m recently astounded by the people using the now-cancelled closure of the PS3 store as justification to pirate. Jeeze, you can get Suikoden 2 for $10. Slow your roll. Read more

Apr 26

This is a prequel I don’t need. The basic story beats are already laid down. The end of most of these characters is already known.
Read more

Apr 23

I like how the preceding answers from the person he was messaging indicate that the conversation wasn’t going well to begin with, and how he just assumes admitting he was a rioter was the ticket to win her over.

Apr 21

No Apple couldn’t. People don’t buy Nintendo products for the hardware specs. They buy them for the games and the innovation. Apple can’t replicate that. No other company can, really. No company has such a consistent track record with their first party games.