Aug 11

They should have just synced it up with the daily objectives. Let you spin the wheel once each day, but not have to worry about a real time 24 hour clock that constantly makes your wheel spin later and later each day, if you try to do it every day. It makes it frustrating, especially since there’s already a daily Read more

Aug 9

Sorry, Barsanti, but when you have the body of work that CK has, I don’t think he will fade into obscurity. Geniuses often have issues and oftentimes they’re sexual in nature. He’s not fucking Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, etc. either. He didn’t drug anybody, he didn't force anybody to do anything.  He had two daughters Read more

Aug 6

surely no noble western developers would stoop to such disgusting tactics

Aug 6

Don Cheadle’s time travel solution would be to just go back in time and strangle baby despot (Thanos or Hitler in this case).

Aug 2

When you see “Sassy” mentioned in print, can you only hear it in Phil Hartman’s voice? If not, fuck off.

Jul 31

“Nearly unknown”? He was the bad guy in Casino Royale. Maybe that didn’t make him a household name, but I’d argue he still isn’t outside of cinephiles and genre nerds.

Jul 31

That’s weird, because I remember a lot of people considering the second to be a big drop from the first(which I disagree with). Also, I don’t see how plot holes prove anything; plenty of great work of fiction have them.

Jul 27

I’m sorry he died but I also don’t want to live in a world where being an MTV reality legend” is a thing

Jul 24

One of the saddest things about G4 for me is how so many people seem to pine for the glory days of X-Play and Attack of the Show. And then how the network signed off after airing the very first X-Play. Except for how X-Play was the only long-term survivor of TechTV’s carried over programming, and AotS was just a Read more

Jul 23

Will we ever see Fable 3 for PC for sale again? I never really understood why it was abruptly pulled off Steam.

Jul 20

I’m far less alarmed by the courting of Kasich than the rest of the commenters appear to be. It’s pretty common for people associated with the other side to speak at one party’s convention. This is not a Biden thing or even just a DNC thing (See: Zell Miller in 2004, Joe Lieberman in 2008) The purpose is to have a Read more

Jul 20

Word of advice, never watch Akira with a fever of 104, which I did one memorable night in college. I’m pretty sure I mutated into a giant flesh beast that night, but luckily I got better by morning.