Apr 15

My pile of show now includes an whole bunch of Game Pass games I’ve installed but haven’t played. 

Apr 9

Star Trek Beyond was the best of the 3 Kelvin timeline films. I’d like to see another one, honestly.

Apr 9

Yeah, I really liked this episode. I enjoyed the way they brought together the show’s three main antagonists* into the same space and let us see their different motives and methods, which makes for a pretty broad spectrum. Read more

Apr 7

“Let’s address the most dire situation first. The new Xbox controllers are sinful. They require AA batteries, which means you can’t just plug them in to the console and charge them up like the DualSense.” Read more

“Let’s address the most dire situation first. The new Xbox controllers are sinful. They require AA batteries, which

Mar 31

My first car is also a ‘13 Speed3 which I still own to this day! Just ticked over 80,000km’s yesterday.

Mar 31

It’s plenty enough to start with. Not everybody needs to be able to stream 4K to their homes. It’s about giving people access to the internet.

Mar 31

Concur.  When I buy new, keep it until it is wanted only by a charity, I have zero concerns about depreciation.

Mar 31

Oh, yes, to be clear, both are fantastic. But the co-op in 3 rules, plus it features King Théoden! Read more

Mar 31

I’m madly in love with you for correcting their usage. “You’re.” LOL

Mar 31

Cool to see someone your age active on this site, I love the insight brought to the table by the older commentariat. Thank you!!!

Mar 31

Replying to this car related blog and ending up in a slideshow.

Mar 31

My favorite is from years ago. I linked two zip ties around the driveshaft of my friend’s new truck so that they had long tails hanging off at 180 degrees. As soon as he started to drive away, the zip ties began tapping against the floor of the truck. He was very particular about his vehicles, so he got pretty worked Read more

Mar 31

I’ve made two videos on the topic of blinker fluid on YouTube, and even with my nonexistent audience, still have overly-credulous commenters, including possibly my favorite comment I’ve ever gotten:

Mar 30

Most EVs are super fast off of the line but my turbo’d Subaru feels so much faster cause it’s so tricked out with suspension and hearing the turbo and engine scream just adds to it. Read more

Mar 24

What’s wrong with the purple? At least it’s something other the boring as hell black/white/silver/grey options.