Jun 16 2015

Targaryens are not immune to fire. None of them. Not even Dany, beyond the funeral pyre thing that the author called a “miracle.” Even Dany has been burned in the books.

Jun 7 2015

Spencer, you are absolutely correct that the scoring in the Harry Potter books is nonsense. JK Rowling indeed wasn’t the best person at setting up fictional sports, which is why there’s lots of rules changed. The 150 points that catching the Snitch is worth in the books make most of the goals irrelevant. Which is Read more

Jun 3 2015

that, to my great dismay, was cut. Wyman Manderly has not made an appearance on the show and there were no pies at the wedding. In fact, there has not been any Frey killing at all since the red wedding.

Dec 9 2014

Now, you buy your exceptionalism on the same shelf along with the other cheap plastic shit made in China.

Feb 21 2014

Nah, it's the giant from Enders Game. Soon, the children will start hollowing out the skull and living in it.