Aug 1 2016

We could just accept that faith is a private matter and maybe should not be documented or used for public planning.

Jun 30 2016

I would love it if Leslie Jones would call BS on this entire industry by showing up in jeans, T-shirt and a leather jacket. She has the audacity.

Jun 15 2016

Or, at least, do pushups while you cry. Then no one can tell you’re crying, as long as you do enough to just get really sweaty. You have a good cry, you burn off the undirected energy, and make yourself tired instead of wound up.

Jun 1 2016

Limited processing capacity and vast distance from the reality of Planet Earth are the same reasons Greta’s never going to understand an actual explanation of this issue.

May 31 2016

I wonder if the city could respond by eminent-domaining that property at the quoted $158 million pricetag, then charge the Giants market rates for rent and usage.

May 26 2016

Your description of your friend’s positions and attitudes could just as easily apply to my 70-year-old father, a life-long conservative and Republican, who only recently admitted to me that he voted for Obama in 2008 almost entirely out of fear and revulsion of Sarah Palin, then voted Romney in 2012. And now, having Read more

May 23 2016

That gif is fantastic. What is the source? The actress(?) looks familiar but I’m having trouble placing her.

May 20 2016

Me too - also very stoic. So when I obsessively take in the pictures of this horrible man bursting into tears upon conviction, I retain a placid expression while, on the inside, I delight in his crashing hubris.

May 12 2016

If we hadn’t just lost Phife Dawg, he’d have some recommended alternatives, people who could run that team as if their name were Scott Skiles. Better yet, Magic. Or even Karl Malone.

May 9 2016

I can’t claim to know the collective mind of Wisconsin voters, but I have a feeling that if Ryan actually did arm-wrestle the guy, and won, everyone who opposed him on policy issues would shrug and vote for him out of a sense of obligation. How wrong can he be? He won the arm-rasslin’.

Apr 25 2016

Sometimes I have to go to a restroom, not to relieve myself, but to blow my nose. That’s when I’m most frustrated by blower-only restrooms. Sure, there’s toilet paper.* But as anyone who has been in a public restroom knows, I barely want to put that stuff on my ass, let alone my face. Read more

Apr 19 2016

Having just read The Steel Remains, and as a fan of Altered Carbon, I wonder if Richard K. Morgan would take it on.

Mar 8 2016

In some ways, I envy your attitude toward digital books. For my part, I find reading on e-ink to be easier than actual paper, and I consume books faster that way. But I also still relish the experience of owning paper books. In a way, this has enhanced my collecting. I read books first digitally. If I find I love the Read more

Feb 29 2016

Am I the only one who heard Sacha’s voice when Abraham was being choked out - the clear implication that Abe was hearing her voice? This just moments after the unnamed Hilltop survivor he saved from a Walker told of hearing his dead wife’s voice as he thought he was about to die. Sacha’s voice, combined with the Read more