I run a book club for queer teens, and they are currently LOSING THEIR MINDS. Like. Happy tears and talking about role models and god I am *so glad* they have people like Elliot to look up to. Read more

Romancing the Throne

In 1980, the Christmas windows at iconic London department store Selfridges featured a romantic tableau: two

My friends did the same thing. They were driving down the freeway and saw this one-year-old husky running up and down the shoulder, terrified. They stopped and saver her using the leash from their old dog who had just passed away. Turns out she didn’t have a chip. After doing their due diligence to find her owner, Read more

Great on your mom! Cant stand people who cant be bothered to stop in these situations.  Read more

Was Model Behavior a DCOM? Or just a regular Disney movie? Read more

Everyone one was jumping on the Jason Momoa train after he played Khal Drogo, but where were you when he was on Stargate Atlantis? Huh? Where were you? Read more

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Will shit himself? Oh Katherine, what do you think is happening during those five hours of “executive time” every morning? He soils himself every night while asleep. His assistants roll him out of bed and get him to the shower to hose him down. The sheets are peeled off of the plastic wrapped mattress and taken to be Read more

I would like to hear much, much more about your grandpa.  He sounds like one hell of a great story! Read more

I hope this proves legit.  Lots of rumors have floated around the industry for years, of producers using studios like stables, passing around at risk youths between them.  I’m still waiting for the big shoe to drop on Nickelodeon.  There’s WAY more to Dan Schneider’s sudden departure from the network than has been let Read more

Rift rumoured to be not between wives but brothers; Harry not a fan of ongoing infidelity, apparently. Read more

For added drama, throw in a college admissions bribery scandal and you've got yourself a bona fide hit! Read more

“Where are their parents? Seriously!” -R Kelly Read more

Those of us who grew up on Monty Python know better, fortunately. Read more

Fried chicken at least still tastes good when cold. Read more

Snerk! Well, if it wasn't an ancient Yiddish curse before, it is now. It definitely sums up Trump. They hate him in Manhattan, they love him in Mississippi.  Read more

Kavanaugh may or may not vote to flat out strike down Roe, but I guarantee you he will happily allow laws to chip away at it until it’s law in name only. I hope Susan Collins is happy with that stance on the Roe she keeps talking about supporting. Read more