Oct 18

I liked the original movie which I saw on VHS (because there wasn’t much else left on a Friday night at the video store.) It’s still fun to watch when it shows up on Netflix. Not a big fan of the sequels, but that’s me.
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Oct 17

He was blinded by the light
Acting to play a douche
Another superhero in the night
He was blinded by the light

Oct 16

I am one of those waiting for Hulu International. The only reason I’d get Dizney+ was if it was bundled with Hulu but if Diz wants to play corprate games for now then I’ll figure that all shit out when the time comes.

Oct 14

Unless they rebrand as WeTelecommute then they’re probably heading towards WeChapterSeven.

Oct 10

Especially as they traveled along the same routes ingesting the same sewer water that the previous ship ejected which is how something as contagious as the Norwak virus spread among different ships so quickly. Read more

Oct 9

I couldn’t even finish the first episode of this series because I found myself wishing all their animals would have turned on and eaten these awful human beings. Read more