12:26 PM

Can we just agree that they both have their merits, are both great shows, and everyone who loves them is entitled to that, especially because of how much they lean on being human and relatable? This is a case where one isn’t really better than the other, but rather, they’re very different shows that will have a Read more

7:42 PM

Chapter 10 is so brutal (but also super engaging and exhilarating when you finally conquer it). I eventually made it through but lost Nyx in the process.

4:42 PM

Wow, you reminded me of one of my all time favorite anime fights: Shichika vs Sabi Hakuhei. The build up was long and arduous, but the pay-off was cathartic, visceral, and a perfect conclusion to Hakuhei’s arc. Bravo!

6:18 PM

No that guy is worse. I at least got my money. You need the lay the smack down on him. You know what you do, when you get to the party you start telling all the ladies he's after (or his gf) about the time he almost died but you saved him. Don't be mean at all. Then when he says your an ass they'll look at him like Read more

10:55 AM

I’ll just look at other people’s gifts until I get home where I can open mine.

8:20 AM

Everyone’s favourite feline friends mobile game, Neko Atsume, got an update today. In addition to the new seasonal and holiday items which have been added including a sled, a festive sock, and present box—just to name a few; there’s a space in the catbook for a new friend! All of this, right in time for the El Niño Read more

6:18 PM

Yeah it kind of sucks that we went from so many choices to Funi and what little offerings Bandai/Sentai Filmworks/Right Stuff put out.