3:11 AM

Yesssss, Skyrim sucks so much. So many things to do, too bad the mechanics and writing are so lacklustre that none of it’s fun. I agree with all of these, I’ve never played FFVII and never plan to, and as much as I like Zelda games I’ve never beaten a 3D one, although I got close in Windwaker. The 2D Zelda games, Read more

11:27 AM

I thought the character Marcus in Fire Emblem for the GBA was boring, so I made a new portrait for him, changed his class, growths, and every piece of text he said throughout the whole game to make him less of a stiff. It took forever and I ended up making him hilariously overpowered, but it was pretty satisfying to Read more

7:05 PM

Just got around to starting Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 patched into English and the game is fun but... kind of broken. There have been some maps that are borderline impossible to beat without sacrificing a unit unless you’ve played it before, and thieves and staves are hilariously broken. I haven’t paid any attention to

8:41 AM

I was already excited for this, and now the hype is real. Great review, thank you!

5:58 PM

Ah, the Trails games are so great. Love every one I’ve played. I’m glad I never got Tales of Hearts R though, from what I’ve heard it’s mediocre at best. Zestiria is ok, but I don’t like the changes to the battle system. I think Xillia had it right, and I’m about to beat Abyss again and I’m having much more fun with Read more

11:09 PM

I normally have a good sleep schedule, but once finals season begins it flies out the window. I go from going to bed around 12 and waking up around 8 to going to bed around 4 and waking up around 1 in the afternoon. Since I’m naturally a night owl it always happens and I end up being really tired for my morning exams Read more

5:15 PM

I am so looking forward to my spring and Easter breaks from college this year. I’m going on a service trip for spring break to learn about the deaf community, which I know nothing about, and I get to visit my friends at their state school over Easter, which will be wild. Also, I might actually start going to Frisbee Read more

3:24 PM

Yeah, it’s better than in Awakening, at least in conquest. There are instances where enemies in range won’t attack my bait unit because the bait is OP as hell, and in the last chapter I played there were guys that could render themselves unattackable and they walked right past my main army to try and kill my healer. Read more

7:38 PM

Yeah, finishing 18 was so satisfying, but chapter 19 is the first level that is legitimately unfair. I’m not sure it’s possible to beat the chapter without losing a unit unless I use a rescue staff.

9:12 AM

Well, I’ll put it this way: I thought chapter 10 was bad when I first played it. Little did I know that some of the later chapters would be much worse. I’m playing classic hard mode, and I refuse to surrender. But if you’re having second thoughts about difficulty, change to casual because it’s only going to get Read more

11:22 AM

Yeah, it’s challenging. Even when I get my strategy down perfectly the rng will screw me at the end and I’ll get really mad. It’s doable though. I’m on chapter 18 now. Oh, and I’m playing on hard mode, so normal probably won’t be as bad. At the risk of mild spoilers: use Mozu, turn her into an archer. Her HP isn’t Read more

11:58 AM

I’m a little butthurt because my box got a little dented in the mail, but the game is great. Which route did you pick? I’m on chapter 10 in conquest and it’s HARD. I keep losing a unit at the very end and it’s starting to make me lose my mind. In a good way. I like how it’s more difficult and tactical than awakening. Read more

2:21 PM

Catherine is the only game I’ve ever swallowed my pride for and set to easy. It was also really great, but I feel like puzzle games that are more substantial than something like candy crush just won’t pick up any real steam nowadays. I’m actually a little shocked it isn’t more popular though, it has a lot of the Read more

10:05 PM

The Wind Rises from the wonderful SupremeEvan for secret Santa, the collector’s edition of Trails of Cold Steel from myself and two ties from my aunt. My parents gave me some money too. Not shown are the socks and shirt I got from my sister. Overall, a pretty good Christmas