Magic Mike
Jan 26 2018

I recently signed up and got my card within a couple weeks. I think they’re smoothing things out.

Jan 26 2018

FYI, if you run into future issues, they have a customer service number now: 855-336-3632. I called it yesterday and was on the phone with a live person in under 2 minutes. Despite waiting for a month for an answer to the e-mail and DMs I sent customer service, the customer service line was able to address it Read more

Nov 1 2016

“But until the warranty expires, I’ll have lots of fun with this car.”

It’ll still be fun after the warranty runs out. Just a more scary type of fun.

Jul 26 2016

Acura tech here. All that stuff is surprisingly commonplace. The o-ring, HFL, gas cap, Brembo pads? All par for the course. The dead giveaway for the HFL unit hanging up is to put your hand just in front of the map lamps in the overhead console. If it is warm or hot whilst the car is off, boo-yah. Read more

May 1 2015

I made a concerted effort to beat this game with a 100% win record in my younger years (not 100% completion mind you, since that was glitched to max 98.2%). Was I good enough to win 100% of the time? Heck no (I was slightly above average if I’m honest)! However, if I was losing in a race I’d simply quit and start Read more

Feb 5 2015

I'm usually at work by 8, but management doesn't come in until 9, so I tell them I come in at 7. I usually just goof off until noon anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

Jan 7 2015

Whoever buys this better not cheap out on a tire gauge and get the digital one. You don't want the rear end to just slip out from under you.

Dec 11 2014

J.J. Abrams = Jar Jar Abrams = Illuminati Half Life 3 Confirmed .

Dec 9 2014

Lambo + Porsche at LeMans and Audi at Formula 1.... that would be lovely. Read more

Nov 24 2014

I'd rather have a gravestone shaped like Haro and have it repeat my name at my funeral like in Gundam 00

Nov 12 2014

as a fluid dynamicist and surfer, I think the movie went to shit when they showed that wave going through shallow water and not breaking.

Oct 16 2014

I hear that the 2015 Mercs are going to come with zooming mirrors so that they can make out how far behind the Ferraris are.

Oct 6 2014

I can't even imagine the business case for 707 hp in a family sedan. Hellcat all the things!

Sep 30 2014

A great problem of our society is that people don't watch enough rallying.