Magic Mike
10:45 PM

Bought the annual subscription from Costco for myself and fiance as a Christmas present. We’ve seen every movie that has come out this year and some multiple times. We have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of this service. If it crashed tomorrow we would be ok. We’d probably get the AMC A list since that’s the Read more

1:36 PM

These can be bought for much less than the 23k price shown in article and that makes it very tempting to commute. A nice lease maybe...

4:44 PM

My Fiance and I have been to 6 movies in 11 days. Our Stubs membership is gathering points like mad.

4:42 PM

I hope they don’t restrict other AMC theaters. The theater we (fiance and I)go to is AMC and it is nice. We got our cards two weekends ago and have been to the theater 6 times so far. We got our membership from Costco so we are doing very well in terms of using the value.

9:32 AM

I have a friend that has one of these machines. He is a gunsmith already and wanted to check it out. It is so slow and then you still have to assemble the gun. It is so much easier to buy a handgun from a store. Here in GA, if you have a license you can walk into an Academy or Gander Mountain and fill out a form Read more

9:41 AM

I started watching in 98. It’s been Audi and me ever since. So many feels. I do ant Toyota to win. However, if the rumors about Porsche maybe leaving since they can’t make anew car for next year and they keep losing to Toyota are true, I hope Porsche wins.

11:49 AM

As a recovering 2014 Golf TDI owner, this Cruze Diesel sounds fantastic. I wish the rear profile was more upright and less swoopy for more cargo the Golf’s. The shiny interior is also off putting. I do miss a good diesel engine. My fiance bought a 2016 Focus Titanium and we both hate it. Seats don’t Read more

7:39 AM

We took the nice floormats, cargo mat with accessories, and first aid kit. My fiance loves her car and since hers was a 2014 loaded with the sport options they are pretty sure it will be fixed and sold. She cried when it drove away. Btu hey, the extra 8k is nice!!! She bought a Focus titanium. Nice are, lots of Read more

10:38 AM

MB should just go even crazier and make this for the WEC LMP1 class. Imagine that. All of those German companies running LMP1.

8:56 AM

Are you as familiar with an 01 Cl Type S? I would love to pick your brain about my car. Especially since I plan on having it forever and it has just over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Plus I love all Acuras pre shield grill.

9:54 AM

The fiancée bought a 2014 Golf TDI and it was certified pre-owned. It was used as a VW corporate car and was pretty much new with 4k on the clock. Many years of full factory warranty were also included. After doing the math if she were to sell it back to them she would get almost exactly what she paid for the car 18 Read more

6:42 PM

I was at the NY Auto Show as well and pointed out to the security guy that someone took the BMW emblem off of the trunk of the white M3 there. He said that happens all the time and after the show is done for that night someone from BMW will go around and replace missing things.

11:03 AM

The Fiance owns a 2014 VW Golf TDI. She loves the car. If they were to offer to buy it back, she would get a GTI. She likes the simple interior too much compared to Fusions and Civics. Just last night she said that if VW would be able to fix the issue without hurting her MPG and torque then she would be totally fine Read more

8:37 AM

Last year I used a VPN to be able to purchase the Sky Sports streaming service for a month to watch the race and cancelled it after the month was over. This year the FIA WEC app allows you to watch on your device and the web so it is waaaay better than last year that made you choose one or the other. The FIA WEC Read more

12:48 PM

All of these are amazing. I remember this battle between Rossi and Lorenzo at Catalunya in 2009. Lorenzo managed to block Rossi at all of the possible passing points on the track. Rossi decides to pass him at an impossible point.

11:32 AM

Instead of F1 he can commentate for WEC/Le Mans. I love Radio Le Mans and adding Jeremy would make it even better.