Dec 9

Call me when they bring back Nicholas Hammond from the 70's live action tv show and the Spider-Man from “The Electric Company".
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Feb 19

The unusual part is that Europeans are ripping off Hollywood, not vice versa.

Jan 14 2020

An immature chubby baby with small hands who rolls around in a golf cart? Sounds like the perfect mascot to me.

Jan 6 2020

Hmm. Who is a one-off Thor villain that’s big enough for an Oscar winner and Batman, but not too big that never showing up again would be fine? Read more

Jan 2 2020

I second this motion. (And though it’s in no way my preference, if he added a classic rock soundtrack to it, there’d be no complaints from me...)

Jan 2 2020

I was think the same thing. The roster of Force Ghosts is getting large enough to start their own suburb.

Jan 2 2020

I actually think he’d be great for a movie about a bunch of bounty hunters, like that one episode of Mando.

Dec 4 2019

I just wasted 15 minutes at work doing this. I think it was a good use of my time.

Dec 4 2019

If there are only two parties, again I find myself a centrist. The OT is great, Rogue One and The Last Jedi are very good. The Force Awakens and Solo are fine, Revenge of the Sith is bad, and the first two are godawful.

Nov 27 2019

He was the housekeeper who “found” it. It was all a practical joke planned between him and John as a playful protest against Abrams’ obsession with secrecy.

Nov 25 2019

I hope they don’t recreate the Rebels Maul fight in live action. It was perfect as it is. Furthermore, Maul returned in animation and it is fitting that his final fight be in that medium too. Still upset they stuck him in Solo.