Nov 18

And Star Wars Rebels’ Hera Syndulla, who helped recruit the Mon Calamari technician who designed the “Blade Wing” that formed the basis for the fighter, plays a role in that story campaign.”

Jan 27 2020

Though details are sparse, Skydance Television is developing a live-action adaptation ofthe visual novel/manga/anime series Steins;Gate, about a device able to text messages through time.

Jan 15 2020

Well, the whole “I’m a Mandalorian, weapons are my religion,” thing is pretty much up their alley. 

May 23 2019

Spacedock put out a video back when this was first announced about why mixed squadrons are a bad idea.

Mar 13 2019

all this time I thought Shazam was a comedy with superhero elements, guess I got it backwards.

Mar 1 2019

It’s classic Star Trek—from Spock and McCoy, Tuvok and Neelix, to O’Brien and Bashir (at first), the franchise loves taking two characters who don’t get along, thrusting them into a tiny box (shuttlecraft or otherwise) and putting them through hell to make them ultimately come to a begrudging respect or friendship.”