Dec 25

I 100% out of Christmas guilt

May 1 2019

Welllllll, they’re suin’ me down in Delaware Read more

Jul 28 2018

No. He should have an affair with one and then pay her hush money to keep the whole thing quiet,  like any true American that wants to make America great again. 

Jun 12 2018

Still holding out hope for a, ‘The Witcher: The Adventures of Ciri’ spin-off someday.

Jul 16 2017

While my class hasn’t lost as many, the departed are almost all opiate related either by overdoses or accidents under the influence. One in particular was a guy who never even partied in high school, the most I’d ever seen him do was smoke weed. But of course, I hadn’t seen him in years and as Aimée pointed out, Read more

Feb 28 2017

Putin already has.

Feb 7 2017

Andy Puzder actually invented this chant, but it was undocumented.

Dec 5 2016

Wow, you must be a Cubs fan. Leave the Cardinals out of it, please.

Nov 26 2016

Fuck the Notre Dame. Fuck Ohio State. Fuck Penn State. Read more

Nov 9 2016

Did you have to say huge though? Salt, man.

Jan 20 2016

Thanks for that. I heard about the tax breaks and subsidies but didn’t know about his company owning the land.
If it shakes out even close to what’s proposed it could be very good for Inglewood (that remains to be seen). I guess the only real loser would be St. Louis (who I guess is still paying off the last Rams’ Read more

Oct 6 2015

Ha, just the other day someone commented how Assassin’s Creed needs to be more like Far Cry and take some time between installments. And now this.