MLord Longshanks
Jun 23

the financial investments angle just makes me laugh and laugh because (1) even if he turned us all into millionaires at the expense of every other shitty thing he has inflicted on the country and the planet, I’d still say “no thanks” because I have kids that will have to deal with the ramifications of his bullshit in Read more

Jun 18

yes it is depressing. Another reason I look forward to the election (apart from voting President Fucking J. Moron out of office) is that it’s really the truest way to see who truly has “drunk the Koolaid” and is beyond saving, versus who is just too embarrassed to admit they fucked up thinking this moron would help Read more

Jun 17

let me guess their response—”WOOOOO and we’d do it again in a second! He’s still your president libtard!  TRUMP 2020 KAG WOOOO!” Am I close?

Jun 16

Hell, I’m a Midwesterner, like half of all recipes I know call for the inclusion of a can of Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom, regardless of what’s being made. I typically keep several cans on hand for one single chicken and rice dish with carrots and mushrooms which I frequently make (hail Instant Pot, lord and Read more

May 25

I’ve posted elsewhere here that I’m in grad school for my MPH and currently taking a class on public health law. My professor noted in a lecture that the public backlash against quarantine is upending centuries of legal thought and decades of academic instructions, since quarantine has always been looked at as almost Read more

May 5

Naps are the best, except they usually go on for too long and then I waste the afternoon/evening/both. Good call in avoiding them, probably.

May 5

I’m not much of a nap person, unless one of my dogs lets me curl up next to her on the, and then I can float in near sleep super easily somehow. So that’s nice, unless it’s like this morning where I’m sleepy but having to work and she’s napping on the couch. Lucky dog. Read more

Apr 29

I feel like in an industry that deals with art, the babying of folks like Singer is probably even more prevelant than usual. We have so many tropes in art communities for bad-behaving people. We excuse it by calling them “tortured geniuses” or simply “difficult” and shit like that, when they are just abusive assholes Read more

Apr 26

Ever try to run a chainsaw with two year old gas? Nope, didn’t think so. I don’t know how long the preppers think they can maintain their pre-apocalypse lifestyle.

Apr 21

Aussie accents are like bargain basement English accents. 

Nov 15

If it’s not middle school then why are so many people butthurt all the time

Aug 26

Ruby Rhod wins in my book, we don’t nearly get as much 5th element cosplay. The rest was your pretty standard cosplay characters you see at cons though these were great quality.

Aug 6 2019

Places where a car can’t reach maybe? But even then it feels like you’d walk the person to a place where they could be picked up instead of marching them through the streets.

Aug 1 2019

I work across the street from US Bank Arena. I felt like I was walking through the streets of the third reich this morning going into work, except everyone has diabetes and gets winded walking up stairs. Read more