MLord Longshanks
11:32 AM

This is unfair to Totoro. He/She, I’m not sure of the gender of Totoro, is much cuter and snuggly than that plastic faced Disaster. He reminds me more of Clayface from the old Batman Animated Series.

2:34 PM

Yeah, most cities that have mounted officers use them for policing large events with lots of people. They’re better at dealing with crowd control, allow the cops to see from a higher position, and if the cops really want to put the hurt down they’re trained to kick. New Orleans uses them to corral all the drunks.

1:57 PM

I also work right near the Arena downtown and I decided to roll in to my friendly watering hole before heading home. The number of MAGA hats is like a tidal wave come to wash away decency and respect for other races. The only minorities I see here are the ones working at the bar, and I’m sure the Dehydrated Orange

12:16 PM

So if I'm looking for a strategy game on Switch should I do Fire Emblem, Mutant Year Zero or Mario + Rabbids? 

3:39 PM

I can't give you enough stars here. I get in arguments with my parents all the time about this. Who is reaping the rewards for this "great economy"? Not the average person, and certainly not the redneck white trash supporting Trump. They're keeping themselves down and raising up misogynistic rich white turds. They're

11:58 AM

Apologies for my ignorance, but what’s with this making a circle with your pointing finger and thumb they do?  Wasn’t that part of some stupid childish game where if you looked at the circle your friend could punch you, and doesn’t it also mean “OK”? How did these rare specimens of australopithecine brain damaged

10:24 AM

I always said, you can put glitter on a terd, but it’s still going to smell like a terd.   I appreciate that you also use a similar phrase. Cheers!

9:46 AM

You’ve obviously never seen the award winning 1987 movie Ernest goes to Camp, where they launch turtles with tiny parachutes from a catapult at the evil construction henchmen trying to demolish the camp. Pretty sure there was something with lobsters too... I guess it was more for defense and not really for fun. That

4:49 PM

I see him as more of a tortoise, so perhaps a dry arid environment with plenty of succulents for him to munch on.

3:52 PM

I know this is going to sound weird, but White Castle's breakfast sandwiches crush all competition hands down. They're fresh, rather than a reheated egg patty, they come with toast, Belgian waffles or buns. They also are the same size as the burgers so you can eat a ton of them before realizing you over ate! Their

5:18 PM

It sounds like they're trying to return the trash to the rightful owners. Some misunderstood act of kindness. In all seriousness this is funny as hell. I'm picturing wings of eagles flying in tight formations while raining down fetid garbage on their victims like out of some cartoon. Someone get some footage stat!

2:59 PM

Kids make it alot harder. Then again, you get a workout chasing after them. 

12:53 PM

My grandfather told me when I dated a girl quite a bit taller than myself, “It doesn’t matter when you’re laying down.” He came from a different time when folks just said whatever. In fact, I should write a book around all of his “colorful” expressions.

12:00 PM

I don’t know man that’s a terrible diseasw. I just hope my family puts me out of my misery before I get it bad. My dad’s mother would forget that we ate and ask if I wanted any vittles. I would politely say no, but she would still bring me this awful ice cream and sprite concoction. At the end she only recognized my

7:02 PM

These “Rallys” are like something straight out of Nazi Germany. Hate speech, creepy malicious chants and setting up false enemies that are supposedly threatening people’s way of life. I love how they keep throwing socialism around as a scare word too. I dont think Lobotomized Little Lord Fauntleroy knows what

6:27 PM

I apologize if this has already been asked, but does anyone else think he looks like the villain from Die Hard with that beard? Granted, his is dark but I just picture ol’Donny J falling from the building like at the end of the movie. I can’t even see the original villain, just Baby DJ Huey on an endless falling

1:56 PM

Taint Remora is now my new favorite name to call asshats. Thank you, you have made my day!

9:04 AM

Jesus, I always despised the Columbus police department and judicial system when it seemed like they were more concerned with arresting those who were drinking underage on tOSU campus than catching a serial rapist, an arsonist that killed several students or the murderer(s) of several students shot execution style in