Mar 13 2018

Because “enthusiasts” make up a negligible percentage of Toyota owners. Hell, that’s the case for almost all manufacturers. Toyota doesn’t care about you because you aren’t the target. They sold almost 27K copies of the Rav4 in January alone. Those are the people they’re marketing this towards. Not the guy who will Read more

Mar 12 2018

Oregon is horrible. Do not come here. Certaintly do not move here. You won’t like it. It’s horrible. Nobody should move here.

Nov 17 2017

Because the grip of the tires on the road are the limiting factor in an emergency stop. There’s pretty much nothing on the road that can’t lock up the wheels if you mash the brake pedal at highway speed. Read more

Feb 16 2017

I’m sure it’s floorheavy. You know, because people generally keep pianos on the floor and they’re heavy.

Apr 19 2016

Thanks! Daily driving it. Traded 2 cars for it. Had 3 prior. Down to 2 now, one for me, one for my wife. Never been a fan of buying and parking 6 days a week

Mar 21 2016

I see cries for more in comments... found this, thought I’d share:

Mar 7 2016

go for a part fuckin hell. put the driveshaft in the bed kick it in 4 hi and drive away as a fwd

Mar 7 2016

If anything is going on the end of that ball, it will be a middle finger.

Mar 7 2016

Whatever, it’s only a buck’s worth of damage.

Jan 15 2016

2016 Ford Focus RS - Coming soon to ditches and utility poles near you!