Jan 5

Battlefront 2 had a Single Player Campaign that was done really well in my opinion

Aug 5 2019

Also, Don’t get upset at IT. IT typically doesn’t give a crap about what you’re browsing, as long as it isn’t posing a risk to our network. These programs are almost always mandated by HR or executive leadership. In my experience also, it’s not terribly common for companies to install spyware. We have other methods Read more

Aug 5 2019

If you do discover spyware, then you’re in an even more awkward position than you were at the beginning. You might want to curb your Netflix use in office hours, you might want to request a meeting with the head of IT, or you might want to start looking for new employment, depending on all sorts of other factors Read more

Oct 4 2017

I fully understand why the Punisher panel decided to cancel and support their decision. It makes sense even from the most jaded view point of only looking at the optics. Read more

Sep 21 2017

Jumpshot’s methodology looks at U.S. users and anonymously tracks what they click on, excluding mobile and those that stream to TVs. Read more

Sep 18 2017

I hope that the dreaded “Popsicle of Truth” shows up again.

Sep 5 2017

Jurassic Whatever is the Mel Brooks Jurassic World parody I never knew I needed until just now.

Aug 22 2017

I just want them to give me a god damned world map. It’s incredibly annoying finding a market that doesn’t suck or a suit upgrade, and never being able to get back to it.

Aug 9 2017

Really? You mean it’s almost like it was, I dunno, planned from the beginning!?!

Jun 8 2017

With how often systems seem to be copied and repurposed, I am genuinely surprised no one came up with a similar system for another game yet. Read more

May 11 2017

It’s become so overdone that Felicity was goofing on it the other day.

May 10 2017

I can see (hear?) that. Something more in the style of Troy Barnes (his Community character)—very childlike, very full of wonder and emotion—would work great.

May 10 2017

I hope he can talk that Childish Gambino guy into doing the theme song.

Apr 17 2017

This is one of the dirt-worst photoshop jobs I’ve seen on a film poster outside a Syfy Original.

Mar 7 2017

Helicopters are a pain to use. Why can’t you go forward without going down at the same time?