Greetings from Springfield, MO! Yes, sooo many people here do the get married to have sex thing and it always ends in disaster!  Read more

I actually had this same thought this morning while I was breastfeeding my baby. I just can’t even imagine what those women and children are going through. Read more

What?! I only read the first 3 books! Nooooo! Read more

I now work in advertising. I got in an entry level position and worked my way up. It was 3 1/2 years ago and I’ve been promoted every year since. Honestly, all the same reasons that made me a good student and later English Comp teacher are the same reasons I’ve been relatively successful in my new career: Read more

I made the transition! It can be done. What I’ve found is a lot of the same skills that made you successful in academica are the same skills most companies are looking for in solid employees: time management, problem solving, and working with others. I have an English degree, so I feel you on the Humanities degrees Read more

This. Right. Here. I’ve got one friend left that still does this and every year I’m like, “This is still a thing? Whhhyyyy?!??!?” And I get cranky about going. She always asks what we’re doing for my birthday too every year, and I always reply with “Nothing. I don’t need/want a party.” Read more

I am so excited for this season! I’ll have my wine and tears ready! Read more

This is my problem, too. We FINALLY hired someone to do the job that I’ve been covering for the last 2 months (which is not really my job but has become my job because I’m the only one who can do it). And I read this and immediately scheduled a PTO day for Tuesday so I can have a 4 day weekend. I’m fully expecting to Read more

Yeah, it was very much a Christian college kid hangout at night because we couldn’t go to a bar because Jesus and the drinking and my d-bag aquaintance would probably get tempted by some harlots. Read more

I knew someone in college who did this whole I can judge you because I have examined myself thing and made me feel like shit about myself all the time. I put with it for about a year, and then, one day it just sort of clicked that I didn't have to tolerate his shit, and I promptly friend dumped him. It culminated with Read more

Is anyone else watching Outlander? So much knee porn! Also #SaveMurtaugh Read more

I know! I angrily tweeted at them. Read more

I cried when I saw her, too. Not ashamed. Read more

Strawberry Wine is all the 90’s country ever. It’s kind of perfect. Read more

Tangent, but I would really like to read that Kacey Musgraves piece! And your class sounds awesome! Read more

Especially season 1 & 2 of the Nashville soundtracks! Sooooo good. Read more

Jesus. I will. Pass that bottle. Read more