Lisa Marie Basile
Feb 28 2014

No, it's true. I totally believe him over her in this case, and I even think the suit has merit. It sounds like she's a disturbed stalker. It's just the language is kind of ridiculous.

Feb 20 2014

Yeah, this is really offensive to all those Dynastic, pre-Roman Empire Egyptians still kicking about.

Jan 31 2014

It terrifies me that some of you absolute fucking morons might sit on a jury someday.

Jan 31 2014

Those "gut feeling" people. Like, read the evidence, wait 5 minutes, and then realize that your gas bubbles don't count as proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Jan 31 2014

There's been a few articles on both Gawker and Jezebel on Amanda Knox in the last couple days, and I'm genuinely surprised at how many people think she's guilty. And I'm even more surprised that the reason they think she is guilty is because of a "gut feeling." Very odd.

Jan 31 2014

I'm just so confused by this...haircut.

Jan 11 2014

Goodness, are you the poet? If so, I'm fangirling over here!

Jan 9 2014

I just resubscribed! Don Share is BAMFing all over the place over there.

Sep 17 2013

Poor woman is suffering from post-puke stuffy nose and is standing in some dirt field near Vegas in the dark.

Sep 17 2013

Man, he was really pushing that big picture to get some more excitement and it was not happening. Granted, she did say she felt ill.

To her defence, though, a loud, type-A man sorta yelling at you with a microphone in your face might make anyone a little uncomfortable. I think the sunglasses were probably a smart Read more

May 2 2013

Oral herpes. If you've kissed more than three people in your life you probably have it too.