Leoz96, It's a Car!
Mar 11 2015

Can we count the original Enzo prototype. A stretched 348 body on a 355 challenge chassis with 660HP of Enzo V12 in the middle. Not a production car but a road legal car. Can there be anything nuttier?

Nov 13 2014

Now I'm having terrifying flashbacks about playing GT5's historic race cups and getting my ass handed to me by a stupid fucking car with stupid fucking fans sucking it into the pavement. The 2J was nigh unbeatable if you couldn't afford a serious car to fight it. Read more

Oct 7 2014

I don't think that it's good to stick to concrete qualifiers such as numbers, since technology changes so quickly. I've seen a documentary where they claimed that the Gullwing was the first supercar. That would not be due to its performance (it's moderately faster than a Miata), but due to its performance relative Read more

Apr 4 2014

E39 M5, because it's a beast that will get you very far away very quickly when you need it. And you can tell the wife it's a practical sedan with a large trunk (and built-in windowshades!).

Apr 2 2014

Few, if any console games right now are 1080/60. So he can't rate something 5/5? Having an opinion on where games *should* be doesn't preclude him from loving something despite not meeting some broader specifications he would like to see from all games.