The Legend of Vincent Tremblay
Oct 16

On whether Microsoft will eventually offer faster solid-state drives in new Xbox consoles to compete with the blazing SSD speeds in the PS5, which are expected to radically reduce video game load times: Read more

Sep 23

Vicarious Visions was working ahead on the Warmind expansion while Bungie was preparing the base Destiny 2 release, so that’s probably an area of the Hellas Basin map Helsom personally worked on.

Sep 21

I wouldn’t be 100% sure on Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo. Recall that The Outer Worlds was an Epic exclusive on PC until Microsoft acquired Obsidian. It finally shipped on both Epic and the Windows Store/Game Pass for PC. It might take a bit more money to get Deathloop and Ghostwire pried away from Sony than Epic got Read more

Sep 17

I keep hoping that this time will be the time that a discussion of “Xbox exclusives” doesn’t A) fail to recognize that Microsoft is evolving Xbox from a single piece of generational hardware to a continuous software platform that includes dedicated hardware, or B) passive-aggressively treat Microsoft shipping first Read more

Sep 3

When Kotaku asked Psyonix, a studio of Epic Games, why Rocket League will require Xbox Live but not PS Plus or Switch Online, a spokesperson simply responded, “It’s based on platform policies we couldn’t circumvent like we do on smartphones. Read more

Sep 1

With all the departures Kotaku has suffered throughout These Unprecedented Times, I think the unsubtle, tryhard Zombie Deadspin tone is starting to creep in. I guess this is Great Hill Partners’ idea of a house style.

Aug 21

Other tech giants like Spotify, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft have been fighting Apple (and Google) over App Store policies for a lot longer than Epic has. And Epic had other means at its disposal to engage in its brinksmanship over the availability of Fortnite – including this distasteful weaponization of Read more

Aug 17

I’m one of the ancients nodding in agreement with Fahey on the 2600 port of Pac-Man. Even at that age, I was just old enough to know what “bank switching” did to 2600 games, so I was prepared for flickering and tiny palettes. Read more

Aug 13

All the tech and gaming sites are reporting on how Epic is trying to “stick it to the man”, but none of them are noticing how Epic is countering Apple and Google’s 30% cut with a 20% discount. They’re only passing 2/3 of the savings on to the consumer(s parents), and pocketing the remaining 1/3. Shouldn’t all y’all Read more