8:39 PM

I think I’ve posted this before:

If you are changing your skin color to white, black, or any color inbetween those to cosplay.... Do not do it since it will offend someone. If you can’t cosplay a character without changing your skin color from head to toe there you need to reevaluate your cosplay choices. Just don’t Read more

4:39 PM

Every time I turn on my Xbone (which isn’t that often) I have to relearn how to navigate the menus.

7:37 PM

It’s for when you want to fist-bump in-game, hence it’s location right next to Vault-boy’s hand. In fact, if it wasn’t for this feature, the vault-boy probably wouldn’t have even made it onto the controller.

Also, I made that up and think it actually has something to do with adjusting the audio levels when using a Read more

1:54 PM

That being a music teacher for K-8 must be just playing games and singing.... I wish people would know that I have to spend hours making an entire yearly cycle for my students and that the first year is the hardest since they don’t know you and you don’t know them so you have to teach a whole school of students music Read more

10:41 AM

Of course, I do! But not many, myself included, could remember it prior to playing. Frankly my memory of it before playing Shovel Knight was “That fuckin’ bike level from Battletoads, GOD DAMMIT!”

7:36 PM

Slowest show ever. Two minutes of something cool, 15 minutes of angsty teens yelling for no clear reason. Fin.

5:27 PM

Maybe it will actually have a plot..... I love the Manga but the Anime is terrible.

12:37 PM

They got the item they originally put money toward anyway so I don't get the point of asking for a refund. Everyone already got their first run of the product or the dev edition and they were already working on the 2.0 so the kickstarter has long passed.

12:49 PM

People just like to get fecal matter in other people's eyes whenever they can on the internet. Using excuses about fighting ignorance are just one of the many way to justify their ability to call out other people's faults in order to glaze over their own. Just tell them that English isn't your native language and Read more

9:02 PM

The PC version only comes in third because the definitive version wasn't released for the PC. Which it easily could have and taken the top spot.