7:05 PM

Mother fans waiting on Earthbound 64 Spaceworld Demo to release....

6:23 PM

Me still playing my Vita every day because it is the best handheld to hack into. Full range of games including PS1 and PSP. If you want to have the perfect portable emulation machine the Vita is the way to go.

5:50 PM

“because they a lottery-type prize”.... English people, english lol 

6:11 PM

When fashion shows have nothing to do with fashion since zero average people will ever buy those designs and wear them in public lol

2:39 PM

DON’T TALK ABOUT STEWARD LIKE THAT??? He has gotten a bit old now but back in the day, he was quite the racing... Believe me he was pretty popular with the ladies lol

8:30 PM

Didn’t they originally get a private offer for over 1 million.... Bet they are regretting that now lol

12:29 PM

I got to the “Courtny” part and was more blown away that their name is spelled different than any other way I’ve seen lol

3:58 PM

I did grow up with siblings but we only had one memory card... Memory cards weren’t not cheap so we shared them. So for a game like Animal Crossing on Gamecube, it was 100% only one island for us unless we deleted the save and started a new one. Also, for the most part you are basically saying the same exact thing Read more

4:18 PM

The limit of one save per console has been a thing since the beginning of Animal Crossing.... It was a thing on the N64, it was a thing on the Gamecube, it was a thing on the DS, it was a thing on the 3DS, it is just a thing that they have always done. Why would you want to create more than one island anyway? The idea Read more

8:46 PM

True but it is 15 hours of a game that isn’t complete.... Imagine playing a new Fallout and the game ended as soon as you walked into the wasteland. Then people arguing that there is plenty to do in Vault XX so why are you complaining. We also don’t have a date for the next part or parts since they don’t even know how Read more

11:17 AM

You believe nothing has changed since 2016 lol

That interview also states that they moved away from turn based gameplay completely which currently isn’t the case with the introduction of the “Classic Mode”, this interview was also well before them confirming how much of Part 1 would cover which wasn’t revealed until Read more

1:16 PM

See this is where I don’t agree at all... A book to movie is a whole different animal imagine you go to see a “Fellowship of the Ring” remake in theaters or even Amazon’s Fellowship of the Ring (episode 1), no trailer has said it is Part 1, no reviewer or insider has mentioned it is only Part 1, and only in exclusive Read more

11:47 PM

FF14 was also bleeding money was the bigger issue as to why they had to do it from the ground up. A Realm Reborn is more so a brand new game than FF14.

I don’t bitch about the lack of content if the game is good. Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games but I definitely beat that in less than 20 hours. We all know FF7 Read more

10:10 PM

Seriously people must really love living under a rock since going by the full demo... A part of the original that takes around 15 minutes from opening to escaping the reactor takes people close to an hour to do in the demo. A boss battle that takes 3 minutes in the original is now 15 minutes.

So yeah, while I do Read more

5:57 PM

That is just PR speak... If you believed everything PR said than Todd Howard would be a saint for all the stuff he says lol A “full” 60-100 hour game could mean 10-15 hour main game with 50+ hours of side quests. This doesn’t include pointless extras as well for 100% completion so a game like say Spider-man on the PS4 Read more

5:28 PM

I mean you can since nothing major will happen in Part 1.... No main characters will die, no climax, so yes you are prepared to be in awe for a few hours before you see the “To be continued” screen because people still want to believe this is a full game.

10:01 PM

To be fair they could hide it behind longer stretches of land or during a cutscene with dialogue. There are way to mask it but developers aren’t using them. 

5:16 PM

Weird to say we need better loading screens when companies use to strive to have zero loading screens.... Remember God of War on the PS2. That was amazing, we need to return to that sort of stuff. There is really no reason why some games have crazy loading screens considering the hardware we have today.