I too miss the old Rainbow Six games where the mission pre-planning was half the battle, getting shot once was a big deal, and moving at a running pace was a rollercoaster ride.

I wouldn’t rush to canonize a dude who, if he were alive today, would probably be a Q conspiracy cultist. He absolutely had feet planted in right wing, american exceptionalist fields that would grow into the shit we have today. And anyway he straight up sold his name for profit (go go capitalism) so he forfeited even Read more

It’s totally impossible everyone who was comfortable/safe/able to see it in a theater hit it up already cause there’s still a god damn pandemic going on and tons of places are still under restrictions. Read more

Or maybe, just maybe everyone who was dying to see it in a theater already did so you got the dropoff. Or crazy thought maybe the Delta variant causing an increase in infection rates is making people think twice about going to a theater. Who knows. Read more

It’s not just about “conservatives.” There are no widespread calls, that I’m aware of, for Facebook to remove posts or users advocating for lower taxes or less government regulation or a bigger military budget. The problem is hate speech and misinformation, which people like Shapiro produce in spades. Read more

Ben Shapiro is a violent racist who has openly advocated for ethnic cleansing. As far as free speech goes, his position is that liberals who opposed the Iraq war should have been tried for sedition, so, not sure he’s the guy you want to stake your free speech reputation on: Read more

“Why is there so much “hate” being vented towards fellow Americans?” Read more

Why can’t we have his and everybody else’s voice heard?” Read more

Oh, I dunno. Is it because everything he spews is in bad faith?

The problem is not that Conservatives are posting on FB and sharing conservative content. Read more

Facebook should remove posts which break their TOS. They should remove posts which break the law. Read more

There’s nothing thoughtful about Ben Shapiro.  That takedown on British TV was hilarious.  Dude is a complete idiot.

If so many people agree with slavery, how can it be bad?

So youre for any opinion, even if it’s awful/racist/sexist/anti-Semitic?

Yeah, mythological Loki shapeshifted into all sorts of things and genders and even gave birth to a few different creatures/monsters over the millennia. You’d think most of the variants had at least considered the option at one point or another.

The original Monopoly’s design strengths”... I am always interested how Monopoly is perceived to be a ‘strong’ game by many, while most game developers agree it is a broken piece of trash, systemwise. Read more

Make an Amiibo edition, charge triple and watch the cash (mine included) come rolling in.

Personally, I’m really start to dislike all this speculation about what’s going to happen on these Marvel shows just because it happened in a wildly different comic book medium, continuity, and cultural era. Oh that timekeeper looked like Kang? Cool. I don’t care who Kang was. I only care about what’s happening to the Read more

This. This is just classic MCU tweaking and combining of comics characters, they do it all the time.

There’s still some debate as to whether Sylvie genuinely is another Loki or whether she might be the MCU’s take on the Enchantress from Marvel’s comics.”

There was, but shouldn’t this episode’s showing that she genuinely was abducted straight outta Asgard (hey, t-shirt idea) as a child put an end to that debate?