Dunno, I’m a millenial, and I find this list quite sus. Bummer.

How is POV slang btw.? Read more

What I appreciated about the later Ultimate universe was that there could be lasting consequences. That’s what I’d hope for this one. (well, lasting for the world. They did revive Peter eventually) 616 kind of has to keep a status quo, but Ultimate can do whatever really Read more

Yeah they’ve made it inconvenient in some games these days. But when done right, it should work even without patches (although I’d argue they should only print discs once the game has been out for a year). There’s also older games, backwards compatibility, blurays, gift giving, sharing, used games, no delisting, not Read more

I very much do not want a disc-less XBox. Literally bought the Series X to have a drive. Read more

When I was in school (around 15-18 years ago) a ticket cost around 4€. We’d go all the time. We’d buy plenty of popcorn and drinks too. Now I go maybe once per half year if even (it’s both due to pricing and covid, to be fair) Read more

I didn’t know people disliked Spirits Within until many years later. We definitely liked it when we watched it in the cinemas Read more

Maybe different kinds of it? All research I’ve looked up on dark mode vs light mode indicates it being better for the eyes, less strain in the long run, but personal preferences or general light sensitivity could affect how it feels? Read more

for many with vision issues light mode is better. Astigmatism is the first thing that comes to mind for me. Read more

So, people get murdered to have this information not get out, but he talks about it for ages and only gets “retaliated”.
To be fair, it would be a bit of a genius plan. Kill all that sound reasonable, and leave alive only the people who no one would believe and only talk about second hand accounts and a wide array of Read more

women who will be heavily impacted by AI development will need to expand their skill set to stay relevant in the workplace”
How about society instead expands its understanding, and realizes that just because a job is higher or lower pay does not say anything about its complexity and replaceability, and that women are Read more

I dunno, it was my first thought too, but it feels against the movie’s themes. I mean, it would be a man taking over a woman’s franchise, defining its worth in association to her movie. Read more

I love the movie, but a sequel wouldn’t be right unless there’s a really really really really good idea Read more

I can only connect to my car’s stereo through the headphone jack. I tried connecting a bluetooth receiver but it’s just unnecessarily more complicated. Specially since on long drives now I’d have to keep both the phone and the receiver charged! Read more

There’s no microSD slot at all either!? Oh god Read more

All I want is the announcement of the return of the headphone jack Read more

I loved it. It was a lot of fun and spoke to a lot that a lot of women feel (one of the great movie monologues?). And heck it straight up criticized the patriarchy, showing it harms everyone. But the highlight? The bus stop scene.
The experience itself, watching it at the cinema, was wonderful, seeing lots of other Read more

You have to be human to write that.”
But do studio heads care about that? That’s literally why people are striking right now. (as the article brings up). Cameron is just able to take this stance because he is in a position where the rich people won’t immediately try to replace him, but most others they definitely want Read more

That is really horrible... and of all things they have a meme attached to their wedding. Hope it’s not a constant reminder of what she was made to go through. Read more

What amazed me when I first saw the picture was how at first I saw white and gold, but then observed it in a span of seconds smoothly transition to blue and black. Haven’t been able to see it as white and gold since. Brains are weird Read more