1:45 PM

They were amazing. LordSparrow was sleeping off his hangover (he was out later and drank more) and I kept texting him the taco emoji hoping it would entice him to get up, but after a little over an hour I decided I should just go make it happen. Outside was bright and scary, but I didn’t have to be there long. 

1:42 PM

That’s about the face I make any time my husband brings it up, yeah. Luckily we have a car, because it’s easily a 30 minute drive on the freeway each direction. I think we’ll probably wait until after Christmas as well. 

1:08 PM

We’ve been putting off an IKEA tip for weeks. We just need a few pieces to finish off our dining room cabinets, but we haven’t managed to talk ourselves into going. LordSparrow works Mon-Fri, and the weekends are a madhouse. 

1:02 PM

I’m hung over from the husband’s office holiday party last night. Open bar, free rides, and barely anything I could eat. The amount I drank wouldn’t normally leave me feeling like this, but I didn’t factor in my mostly empty stomach because I was told to expect food. I cheated a little and ate some appetizers with Read more

8:06 PM

That’s so cool! I’ll have to go check out your pics. My daughter has been working with watercolor lately, and I love watching her progress. She’s never used oils, but she’s dabbled in acrylics. Oh! She’s recently started selling her work online and doing commissions for kids at school! She just ordered stickers of one Read more

2:06 PM

I’m gearing myself up to go do a bunch of prep work with everyone at my parents’ house today. I’ve been having varied and intense migraine symptoms with pain levels rollercoastering for over a week now, and I just feel like I’ve got nothing left. One of my best friends and his husband are in town, staying with my Read more

2:40 PM

I had a very similar reaction to the lump on Mickey’s leg and rushed him to the vet. It turned out to be a fatty blob and nothing to worry about, but I was so relieved to know for sure. One of my dad’s old dogs had a fatty tumor dangling off his leg for probably the second half of his very long life. Thing looked like Read more

5:04 PM

Omg y’all, I just received this pic from TeenSparrow and I am dying. Her new kitten has attached to their rabbit, and bunny has begrudgingly relented to her affection.

12:06 PM

I love Simply Nailogical and Bernadette! Have you watched any of Karolina Zebrowska’s videos? She’s a Polish youtuber with a focus on historical fashion, similar to Bernadette. 

11:02 PM

This smoked tri tip is fucking amazeballs, so I think we’ve got good odds. I have three kinds of dried beans soaking overnight and two kinds of smoked peppers. Fresh tomatoes instead of canned. I almost made my own tomato paste, but I didn’t have quite that much energy. I’m going to have a lot of fun putting this Read more

7:29 PM

I like to be surrounded by a firm bubble of people I don’t speak with. Then, when I want to speak, I’ll venture out of my bubble” Read more

9:37 AM

Adorable! My baby just adopted a second kitty and almost named her Pumpkin, too. They’re going with Daisy though. 

7:33 PM

I was trying to get a new full-body shot of Coil to send in an update to the wonderful woman at the ferret rescue, but he did not want to cooperate. I found him curled up with Spring on our bed, but just as I snapped the pic he remembered somewhere he had to be.

2:45 PM

That sounds so cool! I think your kiddos will be into their Halloween adventures for a long time to come. My dad started organizing scavenger hunts for TeenSparrow’s birthday parties when she was about six, and he thought she’d grow out of them in a few years. They turned out to be the highlight of her parties to this Read more

12:41 AM

I’m actually going to try to borrow my friends’ toddler on Thursday and dress him up.