Nov 16 2014

And that's how you explain a joke.

Nov 14 2014

Protect the intricate engraving with a receiver case!

Nov 14 2014

Breaking News: Samsung in a cloning fury misunderstands headlines and thinks Apple just got in the gun business, announces "Galaxy Gun Note".

Nov 13 2014

Great day and I am so that is a few days of this message in the way to be able to see you.

Nov 11 2014

Who fires 7 times after having the bullet jam in the barrel? Oh, this should clear that out, BANG!, oh, hmm, I better try again, BANG!....this was a Darwin Award trying to happen.

Nov 9 2014

LOVE this touch here.

Nov 5 2014

Personally, while I don't think our system at Kotaku is perfect, we do appreciate our lively, clever commenters here

Nov 1 2014

You're not being given waste water to drink and bathe in. Not even in Baltimore.

Nov 1 2014

Actually while we see this as amazing/scary. What we don't realize is the fact that these spiders had a facebook group page and organized an event to build this in hopes of making the news. Right now they are probably reading this article and celebrating with a 107 million tiny tequila shots.

Nov 1 2014

I'm suddenly reminded of the game Earth Defense Force, at least in the game I can kill them with fire..and anything else:

Oct 31 2014

Waitwaitwait, this is the waste water treatment facility in MY CITY!? Never drinking or bathing again~

Oct 31 2014

Squall has diptheria. Press spacebar to continue.

Oct 28 2014

I get a bit annoyed when people start talking about the value of a home, when the reality is that there is no true cash value of a home until you sell it, and then it is only value is whatever you got for it. Property taxes are a guess, and your home value going up or down outside of the taxes you pay on this mythical Read more

Oct 28 2014

Alternate interpretation: You can only work alone if you can eat two pizzas alone.

Oct 28 2014

Based on my consumption of pizza, my team would be me and one other person... or me and morning-cold-pizza-for-breakfast me.

Oct 21 2014

Was the link I included with specific information about the laws in every state not specific enough for you?