With jets, a lot of the most important secrets are in the metalurgy, not so much the actual design. That’s why when the Soviets were given plans for the Whittle jet engine and a tour of the plant, they wore shoes with sticky soles to pick up some shavings.
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He won't want to shave his beard for that pretentious old folks home known as the NY Yankees. Read more

I think this rant actually qualifies as three delegates for Donald Trump. Read more

That’s what happens when two schools, whose mascots are Duffman and the Alien from Signs, meet on a basketball court. Read more

“You’re doing it wrong — we don’t even have to go through all that trouble of hiding revenue from players.” Read more

Well it is true that Trump seems to have been a proud Democrat his entire life (or so he claimed previously) until he saw a political window open up on the Republican side. As for the low info voters, they are plentiful everywhere and what choices do you have? On the left you’re stuck between a socialist and a career Read more

Trump is no republican. He has been a Democrat for decades until he realized he can play the low info branch of republicans like chumps. Read more

Ciara already tried a Future upgrade; it didn’t take. Read more

Glitches in his programming. Future upgrades will make it even harder for him to fail the Turing test. Read more

Jean Paul Sartre: “Hell is Other People” Read more

If this service were going to be rolled into my Prime subscription and have an app that lets me sync music to my phone for those times I get no/weak internet connection on my phone with a decent UI, I’d think about it. But for another 10 bucks a month, nah. I’ll stick with Spotify.
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One of my favorite sentiments is “never light yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.” You can’t help or be there for anyone else if you can’t keep yourself whole and sane. Read more

Especially since they stole it from Texas A&M, who have been calling themselves the 12th man for almost 100 years, and actually have it copyrighted. I’d love to see them sue the Seahawks and never hear that garbage from them again. Read more

Is it just me or do Seahawks fans remind you of people who came into money quickly, only to discover they can’t handle being rich? Read more

This is not discrimination against women. Read more

Such a weird photo. Its like what they do in Europe when a soccer team signs a new player. They run them out in an empty stadium and play with a ball for a few minutes while everyone takes pictures. Read more

That must be the most infuriated she’s been in all her 4 years as a Seahawks fan. Read more

Posting a comment like that can & should get you reported for obvious reasons. Read more