Mar 12 2019

What is this article?? They’re screening the Nolan movies for the obvious reasons you stated, but in addition you’re overlooking that it’s a partnership with IMAX- it makes even more sense that they’re screening the trilogy that actually shot a tremendous amount of scenes on IMAX cameras, helping to popularize that Read more

Mar 4 2019

Well, somebody needs to bring us a good Dragon Age game since it ain’t going to be BioWare.

Feb 14 2019

I don’t understand why people point to tax cuts as the reason for the deficit. Even if there was a 0% tax rate for corporations and rich individuals, that would not inherently lead to a deficit. Government spending is what causes the deficit. If our government were even 1/10 as responsible with our money as most Read more

Jan 16 2019

This is still a game about someone who has already lived their life and made their choices. It’s not really a sandbox game. Like others have said, AC is all about DNA and bloodlines. It’s understandable to a degree that people are unhappy, but as far as it pertains to the overall story, it’s too bad people aren’t more Read more

Jan 16 2019

Except these characters are “ancestors”, which implies they had coitus with opposite sex. So not exclusively gay, no.

Jan 3 2019

I’m not taking Brooner’s side, but I fail to see how a twenty-odd year old sexual assault conviction is relevant to this matter...

Dec 28 2018

Too bad he wasn’t in California. Pretty much everything out here is a misdemeanor except for drinking from a plastic straw, that’s a felony.

Nov 21 2018

And many of US are tired of $60 games that ship fucking *broke*. You know what never got patched? Super Mario Bros. Either you’re an entitled teen/twentysomething gamer with NO sense of history or you're a Xennial/Xer who has forgotten your roots.

Nov 21 2018

Thanks!!! I totally must have missed the entire point of the article where it calls out Rowling for lack of representation.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I got it spot on, thanks :P

Nov 21 2018

You didn’t read the article did you.

Nov 20 2018

All versions of Robin Hood take liberties with the legend, to varying degrees. As do the versions of King Arthur, especially that terrible Guy Ritchie version. They’re both legends, rather than established history.
Read more

Nov 10 2018

You know what they should really do? Since Trek continuity is hopelessly broken, and seeing how both the fans and creators are at the point where they can’t see the forest because they’re too busy obsessing over what tree was in what episode, how about they do what Lucas did with Flash Gordon, and do a show that is

Nov 8 2018

“All of this just adds fuel to my theory that Activision is setting expectations too high” Read more

Nov 3 2018

I get the argument against. Blizzard use to mean well curated, high quality games. Going mobile like this just indicates Activision execs are soon to be fully in charge with future plans for cash grabs only. Adding Activision games to was first nail, this is the second, and I am guessing the final nail Read more

Nov 2 2018

you want to be tolerant of muslims who stone lgbt people to death and marry children? so progressive