8:19 PM

I recently found a slew of sealed games at my grandmothers house that I vaguely recall purchasing while I had a job making pretty decent money, but while I can’t recollect exactly how much I paid for them, I know FOR CERTAIN that I didn’t pay anywhere close to what they’re worth today... I guess I bought them before

3:32 PM

Kinda. You can get rid of the ZL/ZR icons, can’t get rid of the border itself though.

2:16 PM

When was the last time a game shipped with a manual? Especially for a digital download? I get that these are games which don’t hold your hands/don’t have lengthy tutorial sections, and there’s an argument to be made both for and against hand-holding at the beginning of a videogame; but, at the end of the day, the Read more

12:23 PM

I have the collection preordered (I want the physical version). Then I can still support Square and don’t have to feel bad for obtaining the extracted Trials of Mana rom and playing it on my actual Super Nintendo/crt :)

1:17 AM

Yeah, I like the art style a lot. It reminded me a lot of Dexter’s Lab and Fairly Odd Parents. It’s just a shame they took the rest of the game in a different direction. I’m not the market for this, and that’s ok, but I’m still sad they felt the need to go this way.

1:30 PM

Assuming netcode is good, I’ll let people invade. You’re a demon, I’m the doomslayer. It’s not even a competition. Read more

6:11 AM

I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just pointing out how common it is for the game to be absolutely nothing like the hype trailer (aka No Man’s Syndrome). To unfairly skew one’s opinions against it because of it is wrong, and everyone needs to stop doing that. Read more

12:12 PM

Interesting, I didn’t know I could disagree so thoroughly with a single person! I’ve played every main Final Fantasy from 1 through 15 (excepting 13, could not make myself like it) and this is without a doubt my second favorite. I view it as a towering achievement and a game that confidently rises above its flaws (and Read more

1:08 PM

Let me correct you:
“*In my opinion* this game is unspeakably terrible.”

I actually find it pretty fun, more than 100 gameplay hours on it.

5:02 PM

A better way to do it would have been to turn it into a subtle little story. Post-patch you notice her crying has stopped or changed, and go to look. Read more

3:43 PM

That second paragraph of yours is key here, and it’s what all the “preorders are bad” people usually forget to throw in there. I don’t need it, but as an adult with my own money and my own spending decisions to make I want it, can afford it, and will buy it on day 1. Read more

8:52 AM

That would be great for the 0.01% of cases in which my internet dropouts are a router problem and not just Time Warner Cable’s crappy infrastructure going on the blink again.

1:48 AM

I know I'm in the minority (no pun intended) on this, but I believe the casting (when it comes to race and gender) should be true to the comic book that spawned those characters. When the casting is not true to the comics, it not only feels (to me) that it's an insult to the creators, but also that it's done Read more

4:34 PM

I had a bootleg copy of Windows and was able to upgrade to 10 just fine. Funnily enough, the legal copy I did have was unable to upgrade. Lol, GG Microsoft. Worst case scenario you can always grab a bootleg Windows 10.