3:04 PM

Different societies have different gender norms, stereotypes, expectations, taboos, etc. Something that’s considered typically masculine in one place can be seen as typically feminine in another. Or during another time in history. A society develops ideas about what is considered feminine and masculine, as well as Read more

7:04 AM

My mom removed the door at the bottom of the stairs so she could have some stupid arch, and now she wonders why the upstairs is boiling and the downstairs is freezing. That door had a purpose. 

5:48 AM

I live in a small home (not a tiny trailer home). I just installed a barn door between the kitchen and living room to keep the heat in the kitchen in the summer and the food smells in the kitchen in the winter. Doors and walls are great. 

4:15 PM

According to the news here in portland, the woman had removed a portion of her clothing... the victim also mentioned that she did not want the hajib back after the incident, possibly due to whatever areas the hajib was rubbed on... Read more

4:13 PM

Opening a floorplan can solve a problem if the original floorplan is bad. Like if the kitchen was given one window and 10 square feet when the house was built. So I have nothing against people who open up spaces out of necessity, to make unworkable spaces workable. Read more

10:57 AM

That tattoo is so sick, I didn’t think it was real! Learn from this, all you mega rich celebrities with the lame, poorly executed tattoos. You can do better!

10:51 AM

This doesn’t strike me as him being selfish, but rather beyond frustrated and hopeless. He WAS there for her. For 2 years he stood with her and tried to make the charges stick. He worked with the system and the system ignored his daughter. It went so far that the school basically accused her of making it up Read more

8:49 AM

While I do not like ice either, we have föhn conditions, making for dramatic skies.

8:14 PM

As annoying as it may be, I’ve never found anything to be a true La Mer dupe. It truly is the best :( Closest thing I’ve found is the kiehl’s rosa arctica cream. Not cheap but definitely cheaper

7:59 PM

Agreed, not like La Mer at all. I just realized that I have a pair of those white cotton sleeping gloves- the kind you can put on after slathering on lotion, just before going to bed in the winter- so I’ll probably use up the Weleda Skin Food this way. If even a drop of that stuff comes in contact with my face, it’s Read more

7:09 PM

The ability to know what I want. Because occasionally I want something, and don’t know what it is.

11:13 AM

Yeah that was my reaction as well. I didn’t care about this but I am 100% in for anything with Gong Li.

10:17 AM

Out of all the remakes so far, this is the one that makes the most sense to me, in that it seems to be doing something pretty radically different from the original. Read more