Thursday 7:12PM

After one of his managers told him that a line cook needed to borrow money to get groceries, Whalen was moved to reconsider wages at the company. Read more

6/07/21 7:55PM

Thank you for your rational thinking—and thorough reading.

5/26/21 10:42PM

If there was any way to enforce China to enact prevention measures as agreed by the international community then I’d be with you. Read more

5/21/21 11:30AM

Productive = making Amazon more money. Pausing work to investigate racist symbols = protecting the psychological and physical safety of actual human beings. Read more

5/18/21 7:45PM

Look, you’re free to throw a few bucks to Palestinians suffering from a brutal Israeli assault, but just know that doing so makes you a Hamas military asset, and fair game for an Israeli airstrike!  I don’t make the rules.

5/17/21 1:49PM

This is why Stephen Breyer needs to retire NOW, so Biden can get someone in while there is a slim majority. Can’t risk the 82 year old dying and McConnell stonewalling until a potential Republican president can replace him.

5/15/21 4:54PM

That’s what I thought. Then I read the long version of the article.

5/13/21 2:45PM

Part of the problem is that Gadot has previously made public statements in clear support of the IDF when the death toll in 2014 and now is weighted massively in Israels favor. Its just seems to me that shes selling her brand while people are dying and she doesn’t have to(Twitter aint gonna solve this). Israel does Read more

5/12/21 9:53PM

It’s not fair that any criticism of Israel’s human rights abuses is considered Anti Semetic. It’s like if a nerd is a bully, the bully shouldn’t get a pass.

5/12/21 4:52PM

Leftist Jew weighing in, because I’ve found that I’m not allowed to state my beliefs without reminding everyone of my faith (which is strong and which compels me to stand against apartheid). I see no one who wants her to say that at all but given the fact that historically she has been supportive of some abhorrent Read more

5/12/21 4:24PM

When you can’t even name your neighbors that wish rings a little hollow.

5/12/21 3:58PM

Oh god, this old trope: Dare to criticize anything Israel does and get called an anti-Semite for it. And the whataboutism... 

5/12/21 3:51PM

Please point out where I blamed Gal Gadot for Israel’s decades long subjugation of Palestinians.

5/10/21 12:34PM

These people don’t need your help to defend them, trust me. They’ll do just fine.

5/10/21 8:11AM

I usually only go on this rant when people are wasting their lives debating modern politics but it’s relevant here. Feudalism will always find a way. Read more