Jun 30

Along these lines it reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies. You know the basic RPG dynamic of having to purchase you newly acquired skills from a trainer? SWG had that too, BUT also any other player who knew the skill you wanted to learn could teach it to you for free or any other negotiated price. I made a lot of in game Read more

Feb 7 2020

As someone who has played every role since the beginning, I definitely noticed a marked change in how most tanks behave since the latest expac came out. They simplified tanking materially to get more people tanking, which it looks like has happened, but the result is there are a lot of these pretty basic run-and-gun ta Read more

Sep 12 2019

Right? You’d figure the Minecraft play would keep things in image-rehabilitation territory, as even South Park had a hard time ripping Pewds too badly when he was still primarily known for being kid-friendly.

Dude’s got the intestinal fortitude of a recently-gutted fish.

Sep 12 2019

So the next time this dude claims sincerity, we’re just supposed to buy it wholesale, right?

Real courage of your convictions there, Pewds.

Aug 24 2019

Please tell me how concerned you are about ethics in gaming journalism.

Aug 16 2019

Seen plenty of monsters/aliens like this in the game. Maybe if you played the game instead of harping on about how it was two years ago, you would have found them yourself.

Jul 25 2019

I didn’t think that the discussion about sexualisation in video game was about womens self image. I don’t know any woman who likes video games who longs for looking like a pre-teen looking dragon girl who is secretly 1000 years old or having breasts so big that they take up the vast majority of their body.

I thought it Read more

Jun 28 2019

Because in all likelihood, they are still in love with the person. Love is a double edged sword, nothing can make us feel as good as the person we love... and nothing can make us feel worse. The fact is that cheating, as bad as it is, doesn’t hurt the partner (unless some STI’s get introduced) unless they actually know Read more

Jun 28 2019

I’ve had it explained to me very simply — if you have a large point capacity just open up the games you have which you’ve earned the most achievements. You don’t have to do anything to earn several thousand points besides let it idle in the background for at least 30 minutes.

Jun 27 2019

Buying games only gets you capacity. The points themselves come from earning achievements in games you play and satisfying the "quests" shown on the Grand Prix page.  Once you get the points, you spend it on the nitro boosts, which will move your team towards the finish line, but also deplete the points in your tank Read more

Jun 18 2019

“Or why not just be an interesting person who doesn’t need a character as a crutch?” Because it’s a niche? Whether or not if you like the character isn’t what I’m trying to defend, but this idea that you can’t put on a show, and just be real, seems like weird entertainment gatekeeping.

Jun 13 2019

To be fair...90s DC did the same garbage...well unless you where like me and hid out in vertigo 

May 11 2019

Same. I had to stop watching one where they weren’t even on camera but you could hear it and would also talk with their mouth full. The talking with their mouth full was the last straw for me, I was trying to okay with the eating noises but I cannot stand it when people talk with their mouth full.

May 9 2019

I too live in NYC. My apartment was so unorganized and small. So I built a to scale apartment in The Sims 4and arranged similar furniture in there to get an idea of what I can actually fit properly in my apartment. It was pretty fun and I saved some ideas for later on. Here are some pics!

Apr 23 2019

Instead of being held at gunpoint, their kids are being held at hungerpoint. Fuck off with your “if you don’t like your job, get another one” bullshit.

Apr 16 2019

I hope the best for your sister. That is devastating.  
I too find solace in new toons, but for other reasons. I’m a parent, I have a chaotic job, sometimes I have to work at 2 in the morning because I am on call to a hospital. I struggle with depression and anxiety. Every once and a while the slow burn of a new Toon Read more

Mar 13 2019

I’m going to say I was lucky to find my Magic footing in a game store where the tournaments were hosted by a woman who would seriously kick you out if you tried any stupid shit. Everybody respected her (at least, when they were in the store) and behavior was very polite. We had women and children who became quite Read more