4/24/20 7:40AM

Well, at least the people who listen to him won’t be around to vote in November. 

4/24/20 2:01AM

I read inhaling Lysol to cure Coronavirus only works if you voted for Trump. So if you happen to have done so, go ahead, give it a whirl and let us know how it works.

10/29/19 1:29PM

Just wishing all of you the best. This situation sucks, your management sucks even worse, and I hope all the staff makes it through to the other side at a place where you’re actually appreciated.

10/22/19 12:18AM

I just want to read one article without having to mute “Hey Lauren, I like your top.” If I wanted to watch Kinja video content, I’d unmute the video, or click on the original links (the Punjabi-Canadian hockey story was excellent video journalism just btw). Auto-play audio is fucking annoying, no matter what site is Read more

9/20/19 4:39PM

I can’t believe the Patriots went to all this trouble to beat the Dolphins.

9/06/19 9:17AM

After years and years of the wonderful, blessed “Get a brain, morans” meme, we actually have a Brian Moran?!??

8/31/19 4:18PM

What? Entrance is free. You need a pass because of the extreme interest in the museum, but the passes are free. Of course you’re going to have to wait; do you not know how incredibly busy the museum has been since its opening? What are you even talking about?

8/13/19 9:49PM

Look at the lady in the first row next to Adam Silver. That is serial killer level of chill.

8/05/19 2:15PM

If every fire-ass Marlins tweet doesn’t end with Derek Jeter sending a gift basket to the recipient, what is the Miami social media team even doing?

7/24/19 10:38AM

The Yankees might be the odds-on favorite to win the World Series this year, but the Clippers are still gonna be fun to watch.