Hey, every once in a while, it’s ok to be proud of South Park. 

Pretty sure once you start sending certain ethic groups to “re-education” camps blindfolded where they are subjected to numerous injustices and likely have their organs harvested, while implementing a social credit system that punishes those who step out of line politically, kidnap someone who stands against the Read more

Hilarious you’re calling the Chinese Socialists? Is that a joke? I can’t tell. What do you think that word means?

So, welcome our new corporate overlords then? How does a boot taste?

Thanks for reporting on this. Blizzard has shut out all discussions on the topic and are on complete radio silence. They want this to blow over quickly. Read more

But cars aren’t actually getting much heavier—if you ignore the nameplate. Read more

Build the biggest SUV possible on the cheapest budget and flood the American market with them. I’m talking H1 size on a Focus budget. Paper thin sheet metal. Interior made of whatever is lying around. The only thing that won’t be skimped on is the engine. Throw in the biggest one we’ve got. Make it able to pull a Read more

They wished they were a Mercedes. They aren’t.

Hey kids! Are you sick and tired of listening to mom and dad bitch about politics? Good news! In this leviathan of a car, you can sit in the back seats and not hear them! No, not those back seats silly...the back seats! That’s right, in the Caprice Wagon there’s enough space for you to stay well and clear of the folks Read more

So good to hear Mr. Regular talk during this. So soothing and much better than listening you two shitheads. <3

Once you reach a certain age, pitching a tent gets harder and harder.

I thought THIS was the sequel to the ZFGRX7...

This comment is on literally every single article where someone uses the phrase “zero fucks given”. That said, I’m the one who says it half the time, so I’m not sure what my point is.

I hereby dub thee, Trolls Royce.

And then you can weld up the Metro

that ceased to be true when the germans started building cars in America.
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