Feb 5 2018

I blame the absence of fathers in the white community. Where is the personal responsibility???

Aug 4 2017

Oh boy. I’m a criminal attorney and this is, shall we say......... “problematic”?? That’s the word the kids are usin’ these days. Read more

May 25 2017

Watson is definitely good, but not nearly as good as the actors in Olive Garden commercials. You genuinely feel like they are enjoying Olive Garden, which they aren’t.

May 22 2017

But if you can write a check that clears, suddenly you’re a good driver and no longer a menace on the roads?

Mar 16 2017

Coincidentally, this is also the procedure for when the CEO of AutoZone dies.

Mar 16 2016

The constitutional right of the accused to confront the accuser. It’s something that does more good than harm, but it leaves victims of sexual abuse and stalking in horrible positions that often results in them refusing to testify. I’m not sure of the solution though. Ideas? Also while keeping in mind to change this Read more

Sep 15 2015

If enough of us like this comment, it comes true. It comes true, people.

Jun 14 2015

There are tons of things to do! The Griffith Observatory (eat at The Trails restaurant nearby-delicious avocado sandwiches!), LACMA, the La Brea Tar Pits, the two Getty museums (the one in Malibu and the one off the 405 freeway) movie studio tours, the beach, Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Los Angeles Zoo, seeing Read more

Jun 14 2015

The Getty is free. And if you’re in the area, to go the Griffith Observatory. You’ll recognize it from Rebel Without a Cause.

Jun 14 2015

The Grammy Museum has that exhibit on the Supremes, The Getty is amazing if you like art, The Peterson Auto Museum is really pretty fun if you like cars. Too bad you are too early for the Pageant of the Masters (youtube it), that is really amazing. I live in San Diego, so I don’t have the inside info on everything, Read more

Jun 14 2015

Aw I’m going to LA in July. I lived there for a bit and am gonna show the boy person my favorite places. I recommend going to Meltdown Comics and checking out NerdMelt in the back room. They have comedy there, often big names drop in. If you’re there over a Wednesday, go to the Meltdown Show specifically. Eat In n’ Read more