Jan 19 2016

Those stupid ‘short shorts’ or whatever they are just have me annoyed as they seem solely chosen to get the teenage male crowd in. Read more

Jan 10 2016

I mean, if you watch just this video, it looks like he’s laughing at something someone said to him off-camera and wasn’t paying attention to the proceedings at all. Read more

Jan 7 2016

It really is an underwhelming game, though. :(

Jan 7 2016

Agreed. I don’t think the problem is in his head. The problem lies with her for mixing her professional life with her social one.

Jan 7 2016

“ this individual even offered to buy her lingerie that she declined” Read more

Jan 1 2016

How does the video card interface when it’s turned flat like that?

Jan 1 2016

He is the worst for other reasons, but she took off her top and she has breast implants. Come on. Do you really think she was offended? She was prancing around topless. And I say this as someone who is a sex-worker.

Jan 1 2016

Please. She took her top off in the middle of hosting a live tv show. Her tits were fair game. There is nothing offensive about what he said.

Dec 24 2015

Actually after you open it and update it, have fun trying to return it. You just created a headach for that peson. Read more

Dec 24 2015

Counterpoint: dont mess with someones brand new console before theyve had a chance to use it.

Dec 9 2015

I read these articles in vain because what I want is not what NFS can offer, and I tried Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted (ok with HP but hated MW). This is the franchise that killed Burnout and Criterion. At this point I would be happy with a HD remaster of the Burnout series.

Dec 7 2015

except Fallout 4 was the best game in the series in my opinion, so suck it with your negativity.

Dec 7 2015

Don't cut yourself on all that edge.

Dec 5 2015

you can also watch it on Youtube, if you prefer that.

Nov 16 2015

It’s funny that in retrospect this is all so obvious, but it’s true. Rousey was always a sloppy fighter who got away with it because of pure aggression, athleticism and good opportunistic grappling. But she was so successful with it that it was easy to ignore the fact that all it was going to take was someone with Read more

Nov 14 2015

Tav, I love what you do, but after digging a little deeper it seems this particular example was a bit of an anomaly. Perhaps because it is in Germany. Looks like all of the others currently for sale on eBay (I did not look at other sites) all start at mid $60s and up. Still reasonable value, but whomever snatched this Read more

Nov 14 2015

Rousey is without question the most overrated fighter in the history of the world. The UFC got into womens fighting a few years after they should have. They strapped her up put her in make up and have rolled out the job squad ever since. While having her be the face of the league. She is the epitomy of a TV champion Read more

Nov 14 2015

I happened to see a rerun of the weigh in last night, and Rousey’s almost tearful rant about how all she wanted to do was put her fist on the outside of Holm’s fist, and then Holm’s fist touched her face, so Holm is a horrible phony, was embarrassing. What a crybaby.
Read more