Jun 17 2014

Real men don't give a shit if other dudes want to wear make up. Who cares.

Jun 9 2014

Just because simple-minded dicks stereotype us for the cars we drive doesn't mean we shouldn't have multiple cars to suit our differing needs. Are we so simple that our essence can only be summed up by one vehicle? Or, maybe they are owned by two people with different views and needs. Read more

May 14 2014

Quote from article: "23ABC will be hearing from the boy, the mother and the cat later in the day." Read more

Feb 25 2014

Okay, I'll play, how many other cars can drive directly into a wall at 70mph and not look obliterated?

Feb 24 2014

I really, really hope that you never find happiness in life, I hope everyone you've ever cared about, hates you deeply, if you even have the capacity to care, and I hope your own parents reject you because you're a disgusting stain of a homo sapiens. You don't even deserve to be called human. I take shits more human Read more

Feb 20 2014

I was crossing the street and the car was the first in line when the light changed. Half a second after I took this photo the car was gone. Read more

Feb 18 2014

Forget the Subaru pulling the cop car. Forget the Dodge pulling the tanker truck. This Suzuki pulling a semi wins the unexpected snow-pull video of this winter. Read more

Feb 16 2014

We bought the sleepy pod harness, the single only product on the market found to be actually safe. It is used when we go on long trips or when one of us drives alone with the dog on a somewhat long trip. We do not lock him down to go for a ride in the country. Dear internet, please don't start a witch hunt to track me Read more

Jan 16 2014

I live in MA too and was woken up by police a year ago at 4 in the morning because my '04 Mustang GT 5 speed was in the middle of the road two houses down from mine. They tried to steal it but probably also couldn't drive stick and the wheel locked too. Idiots. Oh, and the police fingerprinted my car and got a match

Jan 6 2014

I think these cars still look futuristic. If it wasnt for the engine blowing head gaskets constantly I would have bought one.

Dec 4 2013

Christmas is an interesting exercise in our culture that imbeds and encourages consumerism in our youth making for adults with unrealistic expectations of reality. I have not seen it celebrated anywhere in the world with such encouragement and support for greed. I suggest a trend where we offer children one gift and Read more