Sep 3

Ok so I didn’t have my cell phone or camera ready fast enough but... I just saw a C8 Corvette live, in the wild for the first time. Read more

May 11
His First Wheels

So, my son just bought his first car. It’s pretty great. It’s a 2002 WRX. He bought it from a friend of mine, who’s

Jul 9 2018
Seen on the Street

It’s dated. It’s an anachronism. It’s excessive. It’s age-defining but it sure isn’t age-defying. I don’t care. I

Apr 25 2018
Seen at the Curb

We don’t get a lot of interesting cars here in our small city. There’s lots of oil money (that originally said “our

Apr 12 2018

If you were a kid in Canada, you rode the bus. You rode the bus for hockey. You rode the bus for band. You rode the

Mar 19 2018

Went to the auction this weekend. Bought nothing. Saw some really cool cars.

Nov 18 2016

So my 15-year-old kid is watching this 1978 FJ40 on ebay right now. Aside from the fact that he should be paying attention to his Grade 10 math class, I’m having a hard time telling him to stop and leave it alone.