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The whole “cash is king” ontic perspective of this piece is so stupid. Elon Musk only succeeds by teleological self-justifying results from mediocre journalists, but the socioeconomic burden of Musk’s business model is a means to its own terrible end. Failure to recognize that is a fundamental failure of mental Read more

I think if she dispensed with the hyperbole and prefaced the limits of her perspective, most people would be okay with her statement. I do question the purpose of most of the commentary when people want to editorialize her thoughts to the point of co-authorship. The ad hominem attacks and the “yes, but” statements Read more

I feel that—to have a hard take on this—an individual has to similarly imagine themself to be the arbiter on a variety of life experiences over which no single person can claim dominion.
Meg’s an idiot who poses new perspectives for the minds of other idiots, and the average spectator can only say “there’s no way Read more

To be fair, it’s a movie series primarily written for teenagers and children. Why even ask whether or not to watch empty calorie media due to a rich celebrity who you’ve likely afforded more judgmental lenience to than friends and relatives. If you can’t make that call on your own, then maybe a movie featuring a lousy Read more

Let’s be honest: if you’re good at investing, then you bought $100 worth of crypto 6 months ago and converted that to $100 worth of drugs 5 months and 29 days ago. Read more

I think it should be “review-bomb,” with a hyphen. Otherwise “review” comes off as the verb, and “bomb” sounds like a noun. Read more

The internet loves to talk about game design and teaching moments as a relatively static concept, as if the “correct” experience of a new game is the same paradigms of gradual familiarity with the mechanics of the game. I understand that people conflate quality with commercial viability, but it’s absurd to weep for Read more

That’s not what I was saying, but I think either you realized that already, or you chose not to. Read more

It seems like MGS2 gets a narrowing set of revisionist retrospectives every few years now, each a little longer, always tugging back and forth at the meta-narrative, but after the Matthewmatosis video from 7 years ago, I still find that every ingested piece on MGS2 does little to influence my thoughts on the game, and Read more

I’ve noticed that the critical response is very solid, but the viewer response is markedly negative. There are a decent amount of recent “stand-up” specials that extend beyond the conventions of the typical stand-up format, some of which I find to be very successful and exciting, and others that feel like small-stage Read more

Why are people so in to noise cancelling headphones these days? They’re such a waste of money and technology. If you think that the weird, selective phase cancellation is somehow better than just dealing with ambient noise, then by all means, blow the extra money. Functionally, their efficacy seems to be overstated Read more

6 out of 10 eligible voters ineligible for reality. Read more

Cool priorities.
I guess the kids will have to go back to idle vandalism to distract them while they wait for the F train. Read more

Cool priorities.
I guess the kids will have to go back to idle vandalism to distract them while they wait for the F train. Read more

Monopoly is a tedious, skill-less game that no sane person has enjoyed in decades. If anything, capitalizing off of jackasses think they’re purchasing a punchline for their game shelf almost makes too much sense. It’s the Mensa of republicans exploiting other republicans at their own game, both literally and Read more

Oh no, some media outlet isn’t blowing him for being a substanceless neoliberal wet dream? Better cry about the sleight against your great white hope in the comments section. Read more

The martyr myth is an objectively stupid view. He’s not MLK. He’s just a more retarded Napoleon, spreading a new societal disease that’s only compounded by active exposure. Read more

I know this type of talk is generally frowned upon in polite discourse, but has anyone else wondered how much political tumult would be averted by way of a single citizen with superior marksmanship?
Granted, a Trump presidency may be better than a Pence presidency, but the GOP rallying around Trumpism is the most Read more

“Cynical” seems like a weird word to describe an apocalyptic ending to a television show while living in a reality that is caught in the thrall of unmitigated environmental destruction, but hey, if you’re more bothered by a cartoon, that’s your call. Read more

Comparative pricing is a silly thing for items that are basically selling on a razorblade model.
I remember early manufacturing costs to be quoted as fairly expensive, but I doubt that’s the case now, and I imagine the original estimates included R&D costs in some fashion. Even elements like the infrared camera and Read more