The nude lip trend is terrible. It just makes everyone look wan.

her lipstick in that top picture is hideous. jesus. also it looks like they missed a spot applying it?

I have a very awesome 7 month old daughter. Every day, I’m constantly vacillating between loving being alive right now and being utterly disgusted with being alive right now.

You cant keep someone with no shame down.

The Leader of the Free World doesn’t have to dress for other people.

He took all of his polling info from where everyone else got it, but was one of the few people to point out how strange the state’s polls and other forms of polling was spiking either one way or the other. Read more

With somebody playing President. Fuck it all to hell.

I wish I could say this is crazy and far-fetched, but I cannot.

“He predicted incorrectly”— if there’s a 30+% chance of rain, I’m bringing my umbrella. It’s called probability. Read more

Exactly. “Hate the other” is a trick as old as mankind and that it still works is a sad statement of mankind.

Well said. I think the unfortunate truth is that this is the most expedient mythology for people in power everywhere.

This has to be the weirdest Administration in the history of the world. Some are crypto-Nazis, and some are Jews. Some are Hawks, some are warrior-philosophers who have an aversion to war. Some are Republican but some used to be faithful Democrats. In the end, most are multi-millionaires and billionaires and Generals. Read more

I know I’m a Nate fan girl but you might want to go back and read his posts before the election. He was saying that Trump had over a 30% chance to win. It’s not Nate’s fault that people heard that as a shoe-in for Clinton.

I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re probably right. I just looked up her picture, and looks like a younger, prettier Megyn Kelly. Just Alies type. Read more

I hope your parents have a very long and cherished life. Your parents are exactly what I have encountered and similar to my own. Read more

We used to visit this all-night Dunkin’ Donuts not far from our house when we wanted midnight coffee and donuts. The guy who worked the late shift there was an immigrant from India. He used to hook us up with free donuts. He worked three jobs because in his words, if you want to make it in this country, you have to Read more

The far right, globally, has become a terrifying presence. A party that lauds “personal responsibility” and “bootstraps”, no matter where you go and yet they HATE immigrants of all colors. The very people who embrace the hard working spirit, they loathe. Read more