Nov 4 2019

In any case, Gizmodo’s editorial style guide clearly states “Do not use ALL CAPS unless it’s an actual acronym, to avoid inflating brands’ stylistic importance.” Read more

Apr 18 2015

“A fucking bullshit crime against real sports... Unlike any other.”

May 9 2014

NFL won't suspend players for drunk driving, spouse abuse, and a whole host of other illegal things but pot...POT. NFL is so fucking regressive.

Apr 27 2014

It'll never happen, of course, but I think the Clips' PA guy should introduce Sterling before tipoff, and then just let the crowd rain shit on him for as long as it takes to get him to leave the arena.

Feb 5 2014

Growth - all growth, or more precisely, any economic model based on perpetual growth - is a Ponzi scheme. As soon as compound interest was devised, mathematicians realized it could not continue indefinitely. If you invested a penny at 2% per year in 1 AD, it would now be worth $ .01 x 1.02^2014 = $2.1 E+15. At $1500 a Read more

Jan 20 2014

The Browns' plan to rid themselves of their staph has been in the works for years now.

Oct 16 2013

Kids today are so spoiled. I mean, we had to jack off to Giovonni's silhouette while they get to see him in a freaking speedo!

Sep 30 2013

I did this method and it was the best Golden Retriever jerkey I've ever tasted