Jan 20

Oh weird, the fighting game community rallying around someone facing consequences for being toxic.

Regardless of how bad it was or was not y’all make yourself look terrible every FUCKING chance you get.

Dec 19

ORI is a lean forward game??? I knew I hated this website for a reason. Why do I keep coming back - do I yearn for the old Kotaku?

Dec 17

Sony and Microsoft both absolutely OK’d this launch and deserve the lion’s share of this criticism. They are happy to sit quietly while CDPR gets third impostered a game that’s perfectly playable and launchable on PC.

Any cry babies that think “another few months” literally don’t understand video games or business. Read more

Dec 7

Do blind people play video games? Would they ever even encounter this tag? They certainly wouldn’t ever see it.

Nov 16

Is there an actual article here somewhere that I can’t find or was this a teaser that isn’t very clear that it’s a teaser?

Nov 15

Why do you keep using Latinx? I have yet to encounter a person of latin descent using this term.

Nov 10

Aaaah, yes, now this is good journalism, Caitlin. Just a breathless regurgitation of a press release. So glad you went to school for this and making sure you ask the hard questions.

Nov 9

Yeah, I came here to ask just this. My Windows 10 is 23.7GB and only 15.6GB on disk. My OS runs off a 120 GB drive so even all the local folders, user folders, program files, and program files (x86) is under 100GB and that’s with a smattering of non-essential stuff scattered around. I have 22GB free of 110GB total.

Oct 27

For more context Japan has NEVER apologized for it and barely teaches the history in school. In contrast, the Germans spent decades with their guilt and shame and people generations removed from the conflict still make atonement.

Sep 21

How does any of this work when the server is on fire and not responding to normal users requests?

Sep 19

This is 100% what it is - if people actually think Nintendo went out of its way to call him “Gay Bowser” in 1996 then maybe cancel culture really does exist. What the fuck?

Sep 8

God damn, SHUT UP. There is no way you are such a useless fucking human being.


Aug 25

4K Output doesn’t have to mean 4k Rendering. And there are plenty of simple games that could handle 4k60 natively on a beefed up Switch.

Aug 14

Fuck off you fucking bootlicker. This is the PR WING of the military doing PR. That means RELATING to the PUBLIC. Kudos to them for actually taking this head-on - sure as shit aren’t seeing any accountability in Lebanon, Belarus, Russia, and on and on and on.

Aug 11

Pick up a side hustle. Irresponsible advice from a supposed CFP candidate - people should be up in arms over the erosion of pay, wage growth, benefits and more in the biggest, richest economy in the world.

You are getting fucked by greedy corporatist pigs who will never allow a fair tax code to exist - the answer is Read more