Gotta be honest, I never really figured out the proper way to use the Cast ability. It’s an ability I still completely ignore. Read more

I think “was” is the operative word there. Read more

With Better Call Saul done, Apple TV has the first and second best shows on TV. Read more

Bane and Clayface are perfect characters. Read more

Agreed. I liked it as a little zero-stakes fan service nod, but to make him the *real* Reed Richards would be the most boring of choices. Read more

I really hope we get to actually see the end of Asajj Ventress' story.  Read more

Grey DeLisle / Griffin. Hall of famer. Read more

That’s some crab bucket thinking, Andrew.  Read more

Don’t forget Conan.

The difference between Arnold and Johnson is that Arnold worked with a couple visionary directors and they took him places. Johnson is not doing that and it’s why his career is ultimately not going to get out of the middle lane. Read more

I’d love to read your readthrough review of the Legends trilogy.  Read more

I don’t think there has been a greater dichotomy between the quality of a movie and the quality of its soundtrack. Read more

Echoing Blind Prophet, it’s fine. I started watching it after the internet diaper-filling kicked up and expected it to be a trash fire, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely idiotic, but purposefully so, as it chooses to hem SO closely to the original cartoon. Read more

Man, the time for this show passed so quickly and so hard.  Read more

They are certainly not knock-offs, but they have some pretty significant warts. Read more

While we’re here, can we talk about the other Weis/Hickman Dragonlance books? I haven’t read anything in this world in almost 20 years (and let’s be honest, I doubt I ever will again), but I do appreciate checking in with those who have.

The Chronicles: The OG Dragonlance. Flawed for sure, but still wonderful. Probably Read more

I actually read Fire Sea right after I’d read Dragons of Autumn Twilight (I don’t think I initially realized it was book 3 in a series). Read more

Yep, Jeff Easley did the second major version of the covers and Stawicki the third. Neither of them had that Elmore magic, though. Read more

This was the first book I read after the Lord of the Rings in 5th grade (I think?) and it turned me into a fantasy fan for life. Read more