Jun 6 2019

My first thought when I saw “wife of Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob” was “is there a word for being a beard, but for guys who have sex with trophies?”

Jun 6 2019

I started Googling around to see who the third was before I realized it was just the trophy.

Apr 18 2019

This all started out about just racing cars... and I absolutely love where it’s gone.

Dec 6 2018

that shit was lit idk what you talking about

Dec 6 2018

The reboot games are actually quite fun and it (and the Injustice games) have by far the best story modes in any fighting game ever. They’re legitimately great. And I say this as someone who doesn’t give a shit about the gore at all. 

Nov 23 2018

I think he did a bad job keeping Rick Smith around for as long as he did and said some stupid things recently.  But death is sad to mostly any family, so my condolences.  

Sep 21 2018

You are saying “dad bod” with jest, right? Because Amell is fucking cut. And as an owner of a dad bod, I do not want that as my new standard.