Yo Anya Chalotra is Yennifer. Not Anya Taylor Joy. 

Holgerson is the new coach. Last years diet bag coach was Major “screwing the undergrads” Applewhite. 

As a fellow Texan I thank you for your analysis and service. 

This situation has been so bizarre from being unable to get Raizada out of EchoFox to the failure to sell the team. It’s a big ol mess of what the fuck. 

The final season of Justified was masterful from resolving the Boyd-Raylan conflict to proving Wynn Duffy is a cockroach that will survive forever. 

I didn’t think I would be in, but they sold me. 

To be fair there’s also the time Carol used/alienated Tinsley. 

Unfortunately, I have a long memory for these sorts of things.

“money can’t buy you class” - the countess

But did your search turn up anything regarding the threesome she and her husband had with the Larry O’Brien Trophy? Read more

Pretty sure the next step in this line of thinking is to say the Jews control the weather.

Santanico Pandemomium was very formative in my teenage years.

I honestly thought you were going to write about the mission where you have to chase a train on dirt bike and rely on Bug Smoke to kill everyone. 

Remember, it’s all about family and Corona. 

As I watched this, I thought of Rob’s article oh so many years ago. 

Just remember, “you never go ass to mouth.”

Abigail Breslin is now an adult and once again I get that “I’m getting too old for this shit” feeling.