9/25/20 1:00PM

I find it incredibly weird to see how Gates’s reputation has shifted over time. My first memory of him is that he was the clever, rich nerd who was going to put a computer in every house and classroom. Then, somewhere along the way, he was the new monopoly-hungry Charles Foster Kane, a tyrant who wanted to crush all Read more

7/02/20 11:22AM

IDK. I think the stock market has tesla right in theory. The value of Tesla is not in the now, Musk’s made that abundantly apparent, the value is the future. The value in Ford/GM/FCA is short term and their shit product offering for the future shows.

Whether you personally agree on the stock price is moot.  

5/05/20 12:03PM

Factoring in all of his successful business ventures, how many one in a billion shots has he hit so far?

3/25/20 6:45PM

This article is extremely misleadingly. It was Antiviral vs Antiviral and BOTH showed promise. The “conventional” group was treated with “the use of anti-viral drugs recommended in China’s treatment guidelines like lopinavir and ritonavir” What the hell is wrong with journalist these days?

3/24/20 9:31PM

“independent publisher Papercutz announcing plans to retranslate the series”

They had better not change the names of the secondary characters. So many good puns. 

3/24/20 8:51AM

Quit making this all political - A combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Axithromyicin is showing to be VERY effective at treating COVID-19.
Learn the facts and quit jumping on every opportunity to say stupid things akin to “DONALD TRUMP IS KILLING EVERYBODY”.

3/10/20 8:18PM

As opposed to how much CO2 is released in the production and burning of gasoline.

12/31/19 2:13PM

“It’s hard to find a coherent group more responsible for making automotive discourse more shitty than the Tesla Cult.” Read more

12/15/19 8:28PM

Ad the implication that Teslas are unreliable are another misinformation as there are no reports of Tesla cars breaking down, Read more

12/15/19 5:00PM

Right, Tesla had plenty of problems with their drive units early on, but the issues have since been solved (and there was no direct connect between the reliability and efficiency either, the issue had to do with the design of the unit, not that a more reliable unit would have necessarily been more inefficient). Read more

12/15/19 3:17PM

Nearly a decade and still no real competitor to the Model S.. at any price given how expensive this car is in the top-trim... Read more

12/15/19 2:55PM

And you get both here, painting Tesla as recklessly pushing the limits when their cars have better range and the established car manufactures playing it safe to put a reliable car out there implying that Teslas have suffered numerous recalls. While there were some drive unit problems with early Model Ses. There Read more

12/15/19 2:50PM

Yep, Tesla and everyone else have to go through these exact same EPA tests, so unless they are cheating the tests (and Porsche’s corporate family is the one with experience there), it should be pretty much and apples to apples comparison.

12/15/19 2:41PM

Why does it matter if “electric vehicle testing is complicated”. As long as the EPA applies it’s rules across the board for all electric car manufacturers, why give Porsche special treatment?