1/03/21 5:31PM

Yes, the Polestar just screams sexy. No wait, I’m thinking of something else.

4/28/20 11:00AM

I like how the incumbent is “justly loathed” like he soiled our linens or something.  Eye on the prize please.  Whole world depends on it.

4/06/20 9:44PM

I agree but I think it’s messed up that we’ve gotten to a place where it’s totally normal for a publication of any kind to be anti-somebody.  It’s actually possible to report on Musk and Tesla and point out the good and bad.  There is plenty of material there.

4/06/20 6:40PM

Oh for fucks sake, Musk said the PANIC was pointless.  When did Gizmodo become a dump on Musk site?  Just do some actual journalism for a change.  It’s so lazy and bored.

3/25/20 8:53AM

I grew up on this and Tintin.  They just don’t make them like this anymore...

1/10/20 7:51PM

Just tried to use Verizon “mix & match” and it says not available in my (major metropolitan) area. 👍

1/01/20 9:30AM

This is why Jalopnik and I have an understanding: they write Tesla hit-pieces and I use an ad blocker. Read more

12/15/19 9:43PM

How does Occam’s Razor suggest that Teslas have poor build quality again?

12/12/19 7:21AM

That’s not really the point. You can get a Tesla for far far less that has better range. Also, Porsche was so far off they were either lying or incompetent and neither is a good look.

12/07/19 12:00AM

Classic ad hominem. Hey, when logic isn’t on your side the weak mind takes refuge where it can. 

12/06/19 11:32PM

Ohhh. I get it now. There are rules about when you can insult someone. Thanks for clearing that up moron. 

12/06/19 11:01PM

So when Musk says it it’s reckless but when pedo guy says something that’s just banter

9/17/19 5:41AM

I take it you’ve never used Tesla autopilot.  This is generally the sentiment I hear from people who haven’t and it lasts right up until they do.